Holy Shit: Jessika Power Just Dug Herself An Even Deeper Hole After That Offensive MAFS Video

After disappearing into obscurity following her batshit stint on Married At First Sight, Jessika Power was thrust back into the spotlight last week over the wild MAFS reunion.

From having wine dumped on her by arch-nemesis Cyrell Paule to that controversial Instagram video and her subsequent apology, one might argue that Jessika Power emerged as the most talked about star of the All Stars ep.

So much so that she’s appeared on the brand spanking new ep of the So Dramatic! podcast where she addresses all of the aforementioned incidents. Buckle up, mates.

ICYMI: MAFS star Sarah Roza posted a video while en route to the reunion, alongside Jessika and another unnamed contestant. In the video, Jessika says, “I hope Cyrell fell over and broke her leg or something.” Then Sarah responded: “No, nobody wishes anybody bad.”

The blonde woman who isn’t Jessika Power then says, “Cyrell has been hospitalised, institutionalised,” with Jessika interjecting: “For mental!”

The aforementioned blonde added, “You don’t talk to people like that!” (“You” as in Cyrell)

The vid copped mass backlash from fans and prompted an apology from both Jessika Power and Sarah Roza, along with the deletion of the IGTV (although it still exists on Cyrell Paule’s Instagram).

“The video that Sarah posted was in no way supposed to be shown or interpreted as it was,” Jessika told the So Dramatic! podcast.

“The comments were made the day after I had the wine thrown at me. I was angry, I was annoyed, I was in the car with my girlfriends.”

She went on to say that the comment “was not supposed to be about me mocking mental health,” adding that “I don’t feel like Cyrell has mental health issues, I feel like she has anger issues.”

“It was poor for me to use those words, but I’ve had so many people message me and say, ‘I have mental health and you didn’t trigger me at all’,” she said.

The reality star went on to claim that her ex took his own life while on the phone to her a few years back and for that reason she would never mock mental health.

She then warned her rivals to “keep my name out of your mouth and stop misinterpreting me, especially the ones accusing me of mocking mental health, because I don’t do that.”

Throughout the ep, Jessika Power makes a point to tell fans that she’s changed and grown and blah blah blah, but after literally vowing to never mock mental health, she goes on to make light of the situation with Nasser Sultan.

“He’s insane,” she said of the controversial reality star. “Oh I can’t say that, if I say that I’m mocking mental health.”

I mean, dude…

She also addressed an incident where she was asked why she thought Cyrell and Love Island star Eden Dally’s relationship was fake and she responded by saying something to the effect of: ‘Would you want to roll over and look at that?’

She confirmed that she did, in fact, say that, but it was only because she was “in a really dark place” after she and Dan Webb split. Yeah, not sure if that’s a good enough excuse, but go off, sis.

Jessika Power (left) with MAFS ex Dan Webb (right).

“I had to do a lot of soul searching and personal growth,” she said, adding that she “wasn’t a nice person.”

She also claimed that “Cyrell said nasty things about me! She put up a photo of me with vomit emojis and she called my Aunty a fat bitch.”

And as for the almighty MAFS reunion, Jessika Power reveals that the whole thing was heavily edited and you don’t fkn say.

“They cut a lot of scenes out from that night,” she said. There were five times where I tried to remove myself from the situation with Cyrell.”

Okay, now this bit’s funny: She claimed that Cyrell walked up to her and said “wipe the fucking smile off your face before you talk to me, you bitch.” Power then responded, “Cyrell, I have got that much botox, I cannot smile.”

She added that “you can’t really have a conversation, it’s either Cyrell’s way or mayhem and I’m not about it. I’m not that person anymore.”

Apparently Cyrell also said: “You and Martha both fucking suck Michael’s fucking dick,” to which Jessika responded, “Shut up Cyrell and enjoy your night.”

“I turned my head to go talk to Dean and she grabbed for anything and wine was thrown on me.”

Cyrell’s big gripe with Jessika Power was that she thought she was talking smack about her son, which she denies having done.

“She wanted me to be accountable for the allegations,” Jessika said. “But I have never ever spoken about her son.”

Although she confirms that she did speak ill of her relationship with Eden as she thought it was “fake at the start.”

“I 100 per cent agree with that. Because at the start, everybody thought [their relationship was a publicity stunt]. We’ve all seen the set-up pap photos,” she said.

“Even though there were no fists thrown, it was violence,” she continued. “Cyrell came back for vengeance.”

Jessika Power is convinced that their relationship is fake because apparently Eden hit her up to start a media-based relationship with her first.

“I met Eden St. Kilda weekend through one of our mutual friends and he was always wanting to catch up,” she revealed, adding that she was warned by reporters that he was desperately seeking media attention.

She said that she hung out with him a few times, including an occasion with brother Rhyce Power. She went on to claim that he asked her to enter a fake relationship with him, but she declined.

“I was never interested in Eden in that way,” she added. “He’s not someone that I could hold a conversation with on an academic level and I’m not interested.”

She added that he speaks about women in a “poor and disgusting” manner.

She also claimed that he photoshopped a text conversation with her as all the messages were jumbled around in a different order than they were originally sent.

“He can come out with whatever receipts he wants to, because I don’t care.”

Jessika Power (left) with Eden Dally (right), back when they were hanging. (Credit: Instagram)

So how does Jessika Power feel about Cyrell and Eden’s relationship today?

“I can’t have an opinion on [Cyrell and Eden’s relationship] because I don’t know them,” she said. “They look genuinely happy, but anyone could look genuinely happy online. I don’t know them off anything other than social media. I hope so, and if they have that love then good on them!”

Jessika Power said that she’s been advised to take legal action against Cyrell over the wine-throwing incident.

“I have so many people, including my father, who said I should press charges for the wine-throwing, but I’ve seen Cyrell’s rap sheet and she’s already got charges for assault,” she said, referencing the Pelican Cafe attack and other incidents that occurred before that.

And finally, when asked about whether or not she regrets joining MAFS in the first place, she says: “If I wasn’t as successful as I am, I would take it back. But I’m really successful, I’m able to support my family and live on my own in a beautiful house and have all the things I need and study. I’m also looking at opening a skincare line.”

Hard pass on that one.