Jess Power Roasted MAFS Co-Star Martha’s BS Job Title & Said Her Hair Still Reeks Of Savvy B

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The MAFS reunion last night was spicy as hell, sure, but as we know, the drama that occurs when the episode ends is always more entertaining than what we actually see during the eps.

First up, there’s all the social media drama that transpired, most of which was referenced during part 1 of the almighty reunion. Head here for a road-map to all the bitchy Instagram posts that sparked drama last night.

Next up, there’s the savage post MAFS interviews that the cast partake in where all kinds of tea is spilled.

Jessika Power just appeared on Nine’s Today Show where she tore shreds off her co-stars, including Martha Kalifatidis and Cyrell Paule.

First up, she took aim at Martha’s job title, and I mean, to be fair, so was everyone on Twitter. In the episode, Martha is credited as ‘Digital Talent’ and, erm, that’s a new one.

Say what now?

“Look, I think there’s only so many ways you can say influencer. I just got the word ‘influencer’, but…” Jessika shadily responded when probed about it by the hosts.

But she wasn’t the only one roasting Martha’s job title. While the MAFS ep was airing last night, Twitter was also having a mad go as well:

Jessika Power also brought up the whole wine-throwing incident where rival Cyrell threw white wine at her as payback for talking about her family on social media (which Jessika later copped to doing on Instagram).

When asked about whether it was wine or water, she confirmed that not only was it absolutely white wine, but she said that she can “still smell the sav blanc in my hair.”

“That was insane, that whole night. What just happened?” the MAFS star said.

She added that “what they didn’t show is that I tried to walk away five times, and five times I remained calm and collected and held my composure, but she just wanted that bite and that’s why I got the wine in my face, because she couldn’t keep her composure.”

She also said that while she had matured since their season of MAFS aired back in 2019, Cyrell had clearly not. The shade, girl. I LIVE.

Catch the full interview here.

The MAFS reunion continues tonight and I can’t bloody wait.