‘MAFS’ Cast Reportedly “Concerned” About Finding Jobs As Influencer Careers Fail To Take Off

Married At First Sight is absolutely smashing it in the ratings and the drama has been spicier than ever, but apparently this year’s cast haven’t quite reached the level of fame they had hoped they would.

An insider close to the Channel Nine dating series told Daily Mail Australia that some of the brides and grooms are freaking the fuck out ‘coz they quit their jobs to join the show in the hopes of becoming an ~influencer~ after the season is done.

But sadly, the publication reports that their follower count isn’t nearly as high as last year’s contenders were at this point in the season.

“Several cast members quit their jobs and have been banking on making it as influencers, certain it would happen overnight,” the sneaky source revealed.

“They expected to have a lot more followers than they do, and are now concerned they won’t get enough to sustain a full-time living through sponsored posts.”


The DM adds that Cathy Evans is the only contestant to have more than 100,000 followers, while just five of her co-stars have more than 50,000.

Compared to last year, by this point in the experiment, many had passed the 100,000 mark, including villains Jessika Power and Martha Kalifatidis.

“The biggest names will earn around $3,000 for each nightclub appearance in the next month or so because there’s still a buzz around the show,” another source revealed.

“But once the bookings dry up and everyone moves on to the next reality show, that’s when they’ll need huge followings on Instagram to secure enough sponsored posts each week to pay the bills. But it looks like they’re not going to achieve that.”

If you feel pity on the poor buggers and wanna chuck ’em a follow, here’s where you can find their Instas.