‘MAFS’ Bride Hayley Vernon Slams Grooms For Allegedly Spreading Rumour She’s A Trans Woman

Of all the current Married At First Sight contestants, perhaps the one with the most controversy surrounding them is Melbourne-based bodybuilder Hayley Vernon.

From the toothbrush in the toot scandal to hers and Jessika Power’s public shade to her remarks about husband David Cannon’s income, the girl seems to be attracting a whole lot of drama.

Drama is part and parcel for MAFS. However, this latest situation isn’t just 100% outside of her control – it’s stigmatising to trans people.

Since the first ep, punters have been leaving comments on Hayley’s Insta and sharing tweets, questioning whether or not she’s trans.


Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, Vernon laughed off the comments.

“I wish I could pull my pants down and lift my top up, but I’m standing in an airport,” she said.

“You know what, why is a strong woman with muscles and someone that does body building trans?”

She added, “What Sally says about Tina, says more about Sally than it does Tina.”

During her appearance on The Kyle & Jackie O Show this morning, she claimed that two of her MAFS co-stars started the nasty rumour in a scene that may not go to air.

“I don’t know if it’s actually going to be played on air, but Michael Goonan said to me, ‘That’s okay because I’ve called you a tranny,’” she alleged.

“I’ve never been called a tranny in my whole life,” she continued. “Who says that? Being transgender is not something people should make a mockery of, it’s not something that should be looked at negatively. It’s not a life decision, this is what people are feeling and it should be respected.”

She added, “I have a slight inkling that [Michael] might have said something to someone and it’s snowballed.”

It’s unknown who the second person is but stay tuned and hopefully we’ll find out more deets about this gross-ass story as the eps unfold so we can make sense of it.