The MAFS Grand Reunion is coming from January 31, starring a slew of  the most chaotic characters from the three most recent seasons of everyone’s favourite trashy reality TV show.

The two-episode special will include a classic MAFS dinner party on night one and a catchup with the experts, John Aiken and Mel Schilling on night two. Plenty of drama is meant to go down, but what else could you expect from chucking a bunch of exes into a room together? 

From season five, there’ll be former partners Dean Wells and Tracey Jewel, and Troy Delmege and Ashley Irvin, as well as Sarah Roza, Nasser Sultan, Charlene Perera, Jo McPharlin and Ryan Gallagher.

From season six, we’ll be hearing from one of the few MAFS success stories, Martha Kalifatidis and Michael Brunelli, as well as Cyrell Paule, Ines Bašić, Jess Power,  Mike Gunner and Liz Sobinoff – but dw, the beau Liz found on season seven will be there too, Seb Guilhaus.

We know that the special was filmed before Liz and Seb split up. What we don’t know is if all the below tea about the reunion is to be believed. Here’s all the rumours about the show in one place:

Troy and Ashley get back together and Mike goes after Sarah.

According to Woman’s Day and their “insider”, Troy seemed open to the idea of rekindling his TV marriage with Ashley. But it seems unlikely Ashley would want to be with someone who dated another cast member, Carly Bowyer, after their season. Yikes.

New Idea reckon that Mike was “like a kid in a candy shop and was trying his luck with anyone he could.” And everyone was talking about how interested he seemed to be in Sarah.

Some stars made more $ than others for the MAFS Grand Reunion.

As per Woman’s Day, “insiders” say the former contestants earned at least $3000 for the two-day shoot, but that some managed to negotiate for more. Martha and Michael made a plum $15K together, while Ines and Ryan each asked for $10K and a nicer hotel room.

But while that might have been enough for some, host Megan Pustetto said on the So Dramatic! podcast last year that Ryan’s TV wife Davina Rankin turned down a whopping $40K to appear. Meanwhile, Ines and Mike reportedly made $10K each, and Dean just $8K.

And fee negotiations meant that Jules and Cam didn’t appear.

The other season six success story, Jules Robinson and Cam Merchant, parents to three-month-old baby Oliver, were apparently approached to appear on the reunion. But, Woman’s Day contends, they could’t get the payout they wanted and bailed at the last minute.

Their decision to leave left producers “scrambling”, according to a New Idea insider. “They had to get on the phone and convince anyone they could to fly in,” they said, calling Charlene Perera “a very last-minute filler.”

They were reportedly offered $60K for the show, but wanted more to bring Ollie along. The other contestants had been told the couple would attend and some had even brought gifts for the baby and flowers for Jules.

Both Jessika and Nasser walk out of the MAFS Grand Reunion.

And they are believed to have been brought back in with the promise of more money, as per Woman’s Day.

Nasser has admitted to the Daily Mail that he and Cyrell started arguing after she accused him of “trolling her baby,” which ultimately led him to walk out.

Meanwhile The Wash have photos of Jess leaving the party in tears. Via Woman’s Day, Jess is rumoured to have accused Cyrell of “baby-trap[ping]” Love Island‘s Eden Dally. So as New Idea writes, Cyrell wound up “throwing drinks, slamming her hands, swearing and verbally attacking Jess”.

Afterwards Jess was apparently “completely inconsolable” and was considering “taking further action” against Cyrell.

Cyrell also fights with Ryan about his supposed “showmance.”

She’s not the only one who was pissed off by Cyrell, who New Idea says accused Ryan of having a “showmance” of his own, with Geordie Shore‘s Charlotte Crosby on I’m A Celeb last year. She “ripped him to shreds” and accused him of “putting his feelings on for the cameras.” Brutal.

“Ryan proved to be no match for ‘Cyclone Cyrell’ – he was left fuming by the whole thing,” said New Idea’s source.

God this is going to be an exhausting watch – and I can’t fucking wait.