It wouldn’t be a MAFS finale without intense drama, and thankfully, this season had plenty to choose from.

From concealed kisses to secret girlfriends being bought secret pot plants, the MAFS reunion delivered on all of the most chaotic fronts.

Let’s relive the shock and awe of seeing half of the contestants get completely exposed on national TV, and the other have watching on with feelings of astoundment/vindication/bemusement from a distance.

Here are the top three most chaotic and utterly gobsmacking moments from the MAFS reunion.

1. Cam and Coco’s kiss comes back to haunt them

Early on in the reunion, the experts touched on the alleged ~incident~ between Cam and Coco.

Before we knew it, they were playing the footage from that fateful night in front of everyone.

“I’ve got Rice Bubbles right now, and who knows, I could be having Coco Pops,” Cam told Coco on the night, like a child attempting to write witty poetry.

The room watched on in shock and awe.

Sam then called Cam a dropkick, to which Cam replied: “Thanks, mate.” Never has a more passive-aggressive and more Aussie convo ever been uttered.

“Holy shit! Jeez, you hid that well, guys,” added Pat.

That may well have been true… until now.

Coco held out and denied cheating on Sam, because it was just ~a kiss~. The experts wouldn’t have one cent of it.

2. Bryce’s weird mates come clean off-camera

We knew half of this already.

Back when MAFS villain Bryce took is TV wife Liss to meet his mates in Canberra, Liss brought up those persistent rumours about Bryce having another girlfriend on the outside.

His mates played it down at the time, saying they didn’t really have anything to add, but when they thought the cameras were off, they full-on vented to one another.

The gift thing is true,” one of his mates said candidly.

The producers, in all their devilment, decided to show this footage again at the reunion. The other contestants’ reactions were simply priceless.

Booka spoke for the whole of Australia at this point: “Those are shit friends. This guy, man. This guy.”

“Come on, compulsive,” Sam added.

The experts pried and prodded and eventually got Bryce to admit that he had coached his mates to talk down the whole ‘I bought my girlfriend on the outside a potplant’ situation. As one does.

Liss, like always, seemed completely unfazed. Hopefully she snaps out of it soon.

3. Bec kissing her ex and playing the incest card

Towards the end of this season of MAFS, Bec had to head home to care for her sick dog, Oscar. It was a genuinely sad moment.

But now footage has emerged of Bec playing with Oscar back in Perth – while the season was still filming – before a mysterious man with a pixelated face enters the room.

Suddenly, they kiss! And by kiss, we mean they really get into it.

Once again, the producers played this footage before everyone.

Bec for some reason thought the smartest way to handle the situation would be to play the incest card: “That was my brother.”

But like, nobody on Earth pashes their sibling like that. The experts quickly asked to see the footage again. Hoo boy.

It’s only then that she came clean and admitted the man whom she gave a big old smooch was in fact her ex.

This understandably made Jake feel like shit, and it seemed like the whole room was backing him on this one.

And with that, folks, the cats are out of the bag, the skeletons have been yeeted out of the closet, and the secrets are well and truly in the open.

Let’s see what extra nuggets of chaos the post-season drama holds.