Elizabeth & Bronson Slam Exes Sam & Ines Ahead Of This Week’s ‘MAFS’ Wife-Swap

Married At First Sight (MAFS) fans are still reeling from the announcement that Sam Ball ditches his bride for the despised Ines Basic, but no one is nearly as “disgusted” as said bride Elizabeth Sobinoff and her fellow jilted contestant Bronson Norrish.

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The scorned pair have done an explosive tell-all with TV Week magazine, where they slam their exes for the drama that we’re about to see unfold during this week’s episodes of the Channel Nine dating series.

“They belong with each other,” Elizabeth told the publication. “They would act sweet to my face and then tear me apart behind my back. I think they’re disgusting.”

She reckons Ines has hated her guts since the beginning of the series. Basic once told her that she could “totally” understand why Sobinoff hadn’t found a partner yet.

“I feel sorry for Sam,” Ines once said. “I can totally understand why he doesn’t want to be with [Elizabeth]. She’s so annoying. He’s so hot. I could really see us hooking up. It’s an experiment – and we’re here to experiment!”

Elizabeth adds that there was “something about me that rubbed her up the wrong way,” and that she “just kept going and going. But she’d never say anything to my face.

“It’s appalling how a woman can turn on another woman like that. She doesn’t care about other people, and she has no real interest in working at a relationship.”

She then goes in on her ex, saying that she feels “embarrassed” for him and that he’s 1000% “full of crap”.

“He’s clearly not there to find love, and it’s disheartening,” she says. “To him, I was fat, disgusting and disrespectful, so he just wanted to abort the mission. I’ve never encountered anyone like that in my life. He’s a slimy character.”

said slimy character

Don’t feel too sorry for her either ‘coz she has absolutely zero qualms with him getting with his fellow villain.

“I’d make the bed for them!” she says with a laugh.

So with Sam and Ines now tied at the hip, the big question is will Elizabeth get with Ines’ ex Bronson?

The answer is HELL NO.

“He’s very good-looking,” she admits. “But I would never do that – I don’t condone that cheating behaviour. He’s a beautiful guy, but I have a moral compass – unlike Ines!”

Bronson agrees with Elizabeth’s sentiment, adding that “Elizabeth is amazing, but I wouldn’t look at another person’s wife.”

The former stripper then puts his two cents in on the drama.

“I was a bit hurt, but you can’t be angry at a shark for biting you,” he explains.

“A shark is a shark – you stay out of the bloody water.”

“I wish she’d told me to get out of there a lot sooner. If she wants to see Sam, good on her, but don’t drag me through the mud and waste my time.”

He concludes by stating that the dubious duo are “suited to each other because they have that mentality where they don’t care about anyone else.”

“Sam could have come up to me too and had a yarn. What he did was very disrespectful and definitely a bro-code violation!”

Watch the drama unfold tonight at 7pm on Nine.