Which MAFS Couples Stay Together Post-Show & Which Ones Hit The Bricks? A Major Investigation

MAFS couples 2021 bryce melissa

This year’s MAFS has seemingly gone on for centuries, but that’s fantastic for us because the drama just keeps on coming thanks to a wild bunch of characters.

Not only is everyone a bit on the wild side this year, but there are also quite a few genuine connections, which makes it interesting to see who actually lasts post-show and who doesn’t.

We went and took a close look at all the extensive evidence that exists out in the aether, to form a foolproof document of which MAFS couples are still madly in love, and which ones have ditched their television baes for good.

So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

Coco and Cameron

A MAFS source reportedly spoke to The Wash to dish all the goss on the status of Coco Stedman and Cameron Dunne‘s post-screen relationship, and tea was definitely spilled.

“There wasn’t really anything between them after leaving the experiment. Coco was hopeful but he pretty much ended up ghosting her,” the source said.

“After leaving the experiment he returned to Melbourne and then moved to the Gold Coast, she went back to her home in South Sydney and they’d call each other – but the communication started to fizzle out on his end.

“When he would call her he’d apparently just talk about his edit on the show, paranoid how he’d be perceived, rather than pursuing anything with Coco. Pretty sad really.”

The most damning evidence however is that Cam has literally gone on the record to tell TV Week that he’s now dating someone new, because the show was four months ago. People move on in short amounts of time, that’s just how it is.

No luck for this mismatched MAFS couple, I guess.


Jake and Beck

It’s over. Doneso. Pull the plug. Call it quits.

Jake Edwards has been seen in the arms of influencer Sophie Guidolin on her Insta account, which can all but confirm the fact that he and Beck Zemeck are no longer lovers.

Instagram: @sophie_guidolin.

When asked a few random Insta questions about her birthday, Guidolin answered a question about her favourite gift that she’s received, and her answer was “I can’t say yet, but I will in a couple of days”.

Could this be hinting at Jake being the ultimate gift? Probably, I mean look at him.

Booka and Brett

The metal-chick and the moustache. Given the fact that Booka Nile has written a not-so-subtle diss track about her ex-husband Brett Helling, it’s safe to say the pair are no longer together.

And let’s not forget that three-way kiss that went down on New Year’s Eve, which saw Booka, Jake and another bride smooching it up after the countdown.

On top of all of this, Booka is still in Perth while Brett is in Melbourne. Either the two are playing the role of hateful ex-lovers plagued by distance but driven by lust, or it’s doneso.

Joanne and James

You’d be smart to say that this couple isn’t exactly on safe ground, but recent pics of them being happy and social in Melbourne on The Wash has thrown a spanner in everyone’s ideas of the pair.

Check them out for yourself, and you’ll understand why we’re so confused about the current status of this relationship. I am confusion.

I for one didn’t see Joanne Todd and James Susler going very far, but alas, who am I to assume.


Bryce and Melissa

Everyone is rooting for fan favourite with a heart of gold, Bryce Ruthven and his stunning bride Melissa Rawson, who have proven time and time again that love is real. I’m sorry I’m laughing even just writing that, Melissa get the fuck OUT!

From gaslighting to secret girlfriends, and general shittiness, Bryce has proven himself to be one of the most unlikeable characters to ever grace MAFS. But hey, it makes for killer television.

Unfortunately, Bryce has been spotted by the Daily Mail purchasing an engagement ring for Melissa, as their relationship continues on post-show.


And let’s not even talk about how Melissa has been showing up to Bryce’s soccer games.

It’s safe to say that yes, it looks like the pair are in fact staying together, as bizarre as it is to anyone with a brain.

Belinda and Patrick

Belinda Vickers, with her mysterious past (73 year old ex bf), has been an interesting one to watch as she navigates her “first” relationship with the loveable oddball Patrick Dwyer.

In an interview with WHO Magazine, Belinda seemed to hint at the fact that she and Patrick were still going strong post-show.

“I don’t want to hit my 30s and still be single!” she said.

“I decided to apply [for MAFS] on my sister’s wedding day. I was her bridesmaid and I realised I didn’t want to get left behind.

“It’s going really well with Patrick so far.”

Alongside this, The Wash has reported that the pair have been spotted galavanting around Brunswick and looking “loved up” which is promising for their future.

belinda patrick
CUTIES! (Photo from Nine).

Jason and Alana

Three weeks ago, Jason Engler and Alana Lister were spotted on a date on the Gold Coast, which is either a press stunt or a sign that the two are definitely still together post-show.

Not much investigating to be done, really, the pics speak for themselves.

Liam and Georgia

Even though we take everything Bryce says with a grain of salt, he did happen to confirm on The Kyle & Jackie O Show that Liam Cooper and Georgia Fairweather lied about having slept together on MAFS. I mean, what does he know though.

And let’s not forget that gross video of Jason Engler that emerged, which makes fun of Liam, the first bisexual groom, as Georgia seemingly laughs in the background. We love mess, but this is far too messy.

Liam and Georgia
Love is not in the air.

Kerry and Johnny

Considering the fact that Kerry Knight has told New Idea she wants to start having babies with Johnny Balbuziente, it’s safe to say they’re happy, content and very much still together.

“I see how important family is for him and how good he is with his nieces and nephews,” she told New Idea.

“I also just trust that he would be the best dad.”

So yeah, the 30-year-old Queensland divorcees have found love, and are looking to take some big steps in their relationship. Good for them!

Jaimie and Chris

Absolutely the fuck not.