Bryce And Melissa Were Just Accosted At Syd Airport & Asked Why Is He Fucking Gaslighting Her

Following last night’s bombshell episode of MAFS, Bryce Ruthven and Melissa Rawson have touched down in Sydney to film the reunion.

Upon their arrival at Sydney Airport, the goss mongers at The Wash accosted the pair and asked them a bunch of v. necessary questions, especially in light of last night’s ep, like why the fuck is the dude gaslighting his missus?

Here’s his response to that pertinent question:

“I didn’t actually know what [gaslighting] was, I had to Google it,” he said, and that’s exactly what a gaslighter would say.

“Look, people have their own opinion of me but the only ones I’m interested in are family, friends and Melissa. I’m all good with whatever is said about me, I have a pretty thick skin.”

While most reality TV villains have cried ‘villain edit!’ when the country turns on them, Bryce Ruthven has actually copped to his behaviour, which we seldom see.

“The edit is definitely part of me, good parts and bad parts. I think everyone else can work that out,” he said. So cool, you’re proud of your demonic behaviour. Excellent. What a top bloke.

And as for Melissa Rawson, she said: “I know the real Bryce, what everyone is seeing is a great edit – I’ll say that.”

Finally, the publication asked Bryce Ruthven about his biff with Jake Edwards.

“Jake is a good bloke, we get along really well,” he said. “He’ll be invited to the wedding [laughs] … we’re getting married for real soon apparently.”

I’m sorry, WHAT? Are we watching the same show, lady? This is beyond disturbing at this point. Watch the full thing below, if you can stomach it:

The marriage he’s referring to is the rumour that went ’round yesterday about the couple supposedly getting hitched IRL.

A mate spoke to New Idea, claiming that their engagement is “imminent.”

“It’s clear that they are very much in love and are happy,” the source told the mag.

The unidentified pal added that their engagement announcement will come after the show ends next month, which certainly fits in with the theory that Bryce is staying with Melissa for ~clout~. Plus, apparently Bryce is gunning for a televised media wedding spesh, á la Jules Robinson and Cameron Merchant, which sounds about right.

Big, big yikes.

To get caught up on what went down on last night’s ep of MAFS, read our recap.

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