Eagle-eyed Married At First Sight fans are always on the lookout for any clues that could point to what the hell is going on in the lives of our MAFS brides and grooms and since they’re all together right now in the lead-up to the almighty finale, all eyes are on them.

A coupla days back, Bryce Ruthven and Melissa Rawson touched down in Sydney ahead of the finale and their arrival did not go unnoticed.

Upon their arrival at Sydney Airport, the goss mongers at The Wash accosted the pair and asked them a bunch of v. necessary questions, like why the fuck is the dude gaslighting his missus?

“I didn’t actually know what [gaslighting] was, I had to Google it,” he said, and that’s exactly what a gaslighter would say.

“Look, people have their own opinion of me but the only ones I’m interested in are family, friends and Melissa. I’m all good with whatever is said about me, I have a pretty thick skin.”

They had a long-ass chat, which you can read here, but days later, a wild detail that you may have missed has been pointed out by Daily Mail Australia.

Around the time that the most cooked eps of MAFS aired on TV, Melissa Rawson was seen wearing a Metallica t-shirt which bears the words, ‘Master of Puppets’ (a.k.a. the band’s third studio album).

Now, I know this is just a random tee that she probs just popped on to look all ~grunge~, but I feel like these reality stars are v. calculating in the moves they make, from what they say in interviews to what they post on social media and probably the clothes they wear as well.

Is this her way of subtly saying that Bryce is a mad fucking puppeteer and she’s sick of his shit? Hmm…

This could honestly be a huge-ass reach, but it low-key reminds me of the slogan tees that noughties queens used to wear and since the noughties are having a comeback, particularly Britney Spears, maybe she was doing a DUMP HIM.

Have a geeze at the pics here.

The other night, Nova threw an event in both Sydney and Melbourne for the MAFS cast where they answered questions about the show.

Melissa Rawson insisted that she “didn’t believe” the rumours that Bryce had been cheating on her with other women.

“There’s a lot of controversy around that conversation, Bryce was very honest with me from the beginning and I was very understanding about his past,” she said, adding that “when my mum saw Bryce she said, ‘I think you need to lock him down!’”

When asked about what she actually sees in Bryce, bc we’ve all been wondering, Melissa said “definitely his personality” and are we talking about the same person?

She added, “Unless there’s another secret girlfriend that wants to come out tonight! He is very genuine, he was 100% the most genuine kindest person I’ve met.”

I’m hoping that their relationship fizzles once the show’s buzz wears off. Everything is crossed.