There are many reasons why MAFS fans are off ghastly groom Bryce Ruthven, one of them being because of the numerous cheating rumours that have been surrounding him since joining the show and guess what? One of the girls who he allegedly had an affair with has come forward with all of the tea.

On a recent episode of spicy-as-hell podcast, So Dramatic!, an insider claimed that Bryce had a secret girlfriend during filming. According to an insider, not only were they in contact while the show was happening, but they were also chatting even after it wrapped. Apparently Bryce got with her while he was still dating his ex-fiance, Lana. Yikes.

Now, one of the girls who Bryce Ruthven allegedly cheated on Lana with has been interviewed by So Dramatic! and it’s not looking very good for Bryce.

I don’t think it’s the aforementioned gal, because this one insists that they were over before MAFS started, and according to the podcast, he cheated on his fiancé with at least three women. Nice, huh?

“I can confirm that we did sleep together. I’ve got the exact date: it was on the 17th of August 2019,” she says.

She goes on to recount the night they met. She was celebrating a netball win with her team at a nightclub where they befriended a football team who was also out celebrating. Both teams linked up and continued the party at someone’s home.

The unnamed woman was sitting on the couch when who should come up and sit next to her and start flirting? One Bryce Ruthven. He told her that he was engaged but they’d split up, which was a big fat lie, apparently.

She claims Bryce continuously “pestered” her to go home with him throughout the enchanted evening and she ultimately caved and took him back to hers where they “slept together,” and later that night, he went home to be with his fiancé. What an absolute prince of a man.

Bryce “Leave / Stay” Ruthven with MAFS missus, Melissa Rawson. (Credit: Nine)

The next day, she says one of her mates messaged her and revealed that Bryce was engaged. She screenshotted the convo and sent it to Bryce and he insisted that he and his fiancé had split up.

For several months later, he continued to “bug her” to hang out again, but she wasn’t interested.

“I only slept with him the one time [and didn’t want to meet up again] because I didn’t feel comfortable because I knew he was still living with her,” she said, adding that “things just didn’t add up.”

Later, she saw him posting footage with Lana on his Instagram, which confirmed that he had been lying the whole time.

“He would lie to me and say, ‘I’m with her but nothing is happening’,” she added.

Things got real awkward when she would go to the gym and see them both together, despite him insisting that they were over.

She ultimately told him to back off, but he continued to message her as he was intent on meeting up again.

“I felt like something wasn’t right because he only wanted to hang out at night when Lana was at soccer training,” she said. Another red flag was that he didn’t want to meet her housemates, describing his behaviour as “sketchy” and adding that she got “bad vibes” from him the whole time.

But get this, in a move straight out of Cameron Diaz’s 2014 film The Other Woman, the anonymous gal reveals she later got in touch with Lana and they’ve since become mates, bonded by their mutual disgust of Bryce Ruthven.

“She reached out to me and we had a good talk over the phone,” she said, adding that “I guess we’re friends now.”

“He absolutely lied through his teeth to me,” she discovered.

Apparently it was a bloke from Bryce’s footy club who reached out to Lana to tell her what had happened between Bryce and the netball player. Kudos to whoever that was.

She said that she “doesn’t know” what she saw in Bryce Ruthven and me either, doll. “I’m just going to blame it on the alcohol, I was so drunk,” she said.

She clarifies that while she doesn’t “intend to ever have contact with him ever again,” she felt compelled to share her story after watching MAFS as “seeing him get away with all these lies on TV makes me furious.”

She concludes by saying that Melissa Rawson needs to “wake up” and dump his ass. The timing is certainly intriguing as according to a new report, Melissa and Bryce are about to get engaged IRL.

A certain insider, who absolutely sounds like Bryce himself, told New Idea that they’re doing very well at the moment and are about to take the next step by getting hitched for real.

A mate of Bryce Ruthven spoke to the publication, claiming that their engagement is “imminent.”

“It’s clear that they are very much in love and are happy,” the source told the mag, which absolutely conflicts with what we’re currently seeing on-screen, plus what a bunch of other sources have said (including a fellow MAFS contestant who recently said that the whole thing is a sham). Head here to read more on that whole shitshow.