Big Yikes: Bryce’s Mum Has Allegedly Been Posting Gross Shit About The Other MAFS Stars On IG

Wondering why MAFS 2021 contestant Bryce Ruthven is such a flog? Well his mother’s alleged social media activity might provide us with an answer.

The So Dramatic! podcast has obtained several Instagram posts that Bryce’s mother, Dana, has allegedly shared where she defends Bryce’s disturbing actions on the show and even posts a vile meme about one of his co-stars.

One of the posts calls out Bryce’s critics, claiming that his bad rep is a result of “bad editing” and no, doll. No.

“We never met and hopefully never will,” she wrote on Instagram. “Before you hit the keyboard with your vile, ugly comments, look up the DEFINITION of “FILM, EDITING, CUTTING” – THE ACTIVITY OF SELECTING SCENES TO BE SHOWN AND PUTTING THEM TOGETHER TO CREATE A FILM/PROGRAMME. #MAFS.”

Yeah, maybe you need to look up the definition of gaslighting and explain it to your son, since he’s guilty of it but claims to have no idea what it means.

She’s basically condoning his behaviour on the show by down-playing what he’s done to both Melissa Rawson and Beck Zemek.

Speaking of which, according to So Dramatic!, the MAFS mother shared a photo of a horse with Beck Zemek’s face photoshopped onto it, implying that she has a horse face. That’s the calibre of people we’re dealing with here. This woman has taken time out of her day to bully a woman at least 20 years younger than her by photoshopping her face onto an animal. Demonic behaviour.

She must be watching a totally different show than the rest of us because anyone in their right mind would see how Bryce Ruthven has been behaving and want to have a serious talk with him, rather than bullying and degrading other contestants with gross social media posts.

Back to the gaslighting discussion: Upon their arrival at Sydney Airport, the goss mongers at The Wash accosted the pair and asked them a bunch of v. necessary questions, like why the fuck is the dude gaslighting his missus?

Here’s his response to that pertinent question:

“I didn’t actually know what [gaslighting] was, I had to Google it,” he said, and that’s exactly what a gaslighter would say.

“Look, people have their own opinion of me but the only ones I’m interested in are family, friends and Melissa. I’m all good with whatever is said about me, I have a pretty thick skin.”

So perhaps mama Ruthven should put less energy into cyber bullying other women and more energy into teaching her son how to respect women, starting with his MAFS bride and Beck Zemeck.