Saucy Pics Have Leaked Of Belinda & The 73 Y.O BF She Had Before MAFS, So Don’t Tell Patrick

Earlier this week we revealed that MAFS‘ sweet angel Belinda Vickers might secretly be a bit of a club rat, AND may have lied about having never dated anyone before. Well, we finally have the pics to prove it.

Belinda is currently ‘married’ to Patrick Dwyer on MAFS, and they are one of the only couples that bring warmth to my soul (aside from Brett Helling and Booka Nile). During the show, Belinda confessed that she had “never had a relationship before,” before adding, “I’ve never had a boyfriend.”

However, on the most recent episode of tea-spilling podcast So Dramatic!, it was revealed that Belinda did actually have a boyfriend before MAFS. So who is this mystery man? Well apparently he’s a 73 year old door bitch from Melbourne called Martin De Bono (known as Mr Ugly to Melb clubbers). Spicy!

According to friends of Belinda Vickers, the pair have known each other for ages but didn’t start dating until 2019, and broke up just before Belinda applied for MAFS.

It was also revealed that the MAFS contestant used to frequent Melb club Cloud 9, and that’s where she met Mr Ugly. Oh no Belinda, not Cloud, that place is a cesspit!

Martin was also allegedly charged with indecent assault recently, so let’s just say I’m glad that Belinda has now found a sweet guy like Patrick.

“Martin was recently charged with indecent assault and he had his first court mention for the charge in January 2020. A friend said that he and Belinda didn’t break up until March 2020,” the pod shared.

But don’t let this change your opinion of Belinda, she’s still a sweet little cherub that we must protect at all costs. If anything, my respect for her just went just went >>>>>

I truly love this for her, and who cares if she wants to date a crusty old boomer? She shouldn’t have to hide it for the sake of a TV show. Get. That. Bread. Gurl.