Wild DMs Claim MAFS’ Belinda Lied About Having Never Had A BF & This Is Why I Have Trust Issues

As if that interpretive dance at her MAFS wedding wasn’t cringey enough, there’s some wild tea circulating that Belinda Vickers lied about having never dated anyone before.

The So Dramatic! podcast shared a spicy DM via Instagram page Winnie Blues that claims Belinda has had several exes.

One Instagram Story features a piccy of Belinda in the ep and the text reads: “She used to go to Cloud and I literally know one of her exes.” Assuming Cloud is a bar or a club or summin?

In the DM shared, it’s revealed that she’s had “multiple BFS.” So basically, she’s full of shit.

In last week’s MAFS ep, where Belinda made her debut, the 29-year-old sales manager claimed that she’s “never had a relationship before,” before adding, “I’ve never had a boyfriend.”

She gave the whole sob story to one of her fellow brides, saying: “I’ve just never had a relationship. So, like, I need help.” In fact, the moment made the promos for the new season bc it was so fkn spicy. Yeah, a spicy LIE.

Belinda married F45 trainer Patrick Dwyer, who is also from Melbourne.

MAFS continues tonight on Nine.