Married At First Sight contestant Jason Engler has come under fire from former cast members for his homophobic and fat-shaming rant about bisexual groom, Liam Cooper.

In the video, which went viral on So Dramatic! on Tuesday, Engler called Liam a “110% wanker” and described him as “ugly, fat, chubby.”

He also called Liam “a full blown homosexual” while Liam’s ‘wife’ Georgia Fairweather and MAFS groom Johnny Balbuziente laugh in the background.

Not to mention, Johnny kept telling the other two not to post the video on social media, which says it all, really.

Jason has since apologised in a statement to the Daily Mail, basically blaming the whole thing on one “too many drinks”.

“I would like to sincerely apologise for my comments in regards to a fellow MAFS participants’s sexuality,” he said.

“After a few too many drinks I made some inappropriate remarks that I am ashamed of and greatly regret. I will learn from this and try to become a better person from this experience.”

Sure, Jason.

Former contestants of the reality TV series have since taken to the comment sections of The Wash and So Dramatic! to condemn Jason.

Last year’s cast member Connie Crayden simply commented “cringe” on The Wash’s Instagram post of the video, while MAFS season 6 contestant Nicholas Jovanovic wrote, “What a piece of work… wow disappointing”.

Dino Hira, who was also in season 6, commented: “Can’t blame that one on producers!”

He sure can’t.

Season 2’s Clare Verrall added that Jason’s rant was “foul” and season 5’s Tracey Jewel said: “This just makes me embarrassed to be part of the show.”

Other names in the Aussie reality TV space piped up on So Dramatic!‘s original post on Instagram, including Chrissie SwannBachie star Kiki Morris, and Gogglebox treasure Yvie Jones.

MAFS season 6 contestant Lauren Huntriss also added her thoughts in the comments section: “I’m not even watching this series (ok maybe a bit here and there) but from what I’ve seen and heard the behaviour of some of the cast this season is appalling and this just proves that.”

Hard agree.

Finally, Bachie‘s Abbie Chatfield tore into Jason for deciding what Liam’s sexuality is.

“It is not your fucking decision to say if someone is gay, straight, bi, he, she, they, them, whatever, it is not your fucking decision. Stay the fuck out of something that isn’t your business.”

Unsurprisingly, Jason has turned off the comments on his Instagram.

Image: Nine Network, Instagram