Hot metal-chick Booka Nile seems to have written a ~not so subtle~ diss track about a “soft/fuckboi” and everything about it screams Brett Helling. Which I guess unfortunately confirms that the pair don’t make it to end of MAFS.

The song comes from Booka’s lesser-known band Internet Friends. The one you are probably more familiar with is her metalcore band called Make Them Suffer, which has a whopping 250k likes on Facebook . The song only goes for one minute, but that is more than enough time to know it’s about her MAFS groom Brett.

ICYMI: there’s a hot-stinking rumour that Booka and Brett don’t make it to the end because home slice Brett said some pretty icky things about women. If that’s the case, then the song definitely checks out with lyrics like: “Boy, there’s some bullshit on your face I’m coming.”

The song called “beam me up soft/fuckboi” calls out out fuckboi who seems to hide behind a softboi facade. It also features my now favourite line of all time: “You’re so basic my hymen has gone resealed.” Ooft, catch me using that on all my Hinge matches.

But I think the most telling sign that the track is about Brett, is that there is a Brett-look-a-like featured throughout the clip. He even wears one of those train conductor hats that every softboi wears to Groovin the Moo. The look-a-like films himself reading, which indicates that his soft exterior is faker than Trump’s comb over. But the real kicker is when Bretty boy is seen reading I Am Malala, by Malala Yousafzai. Fake woke to the max.

The rumour that Booka and Brett don’t make it to the end first grew legs when tea-spilling podcast So Dramatic! received intel from a friend of Brett’s best mate. The source said that Brett has been telling everyone that Bretta are no more (I just created that couple name now and yes, I know it sucks). The moustache-clad electrician is also running his mouth saying that Booka is a nut case, and how dare he disrespect my queen like that?

Even worse, the podcast revealed that the Geelong hipster made a number of sexist comments toward Booka Nile while they were on MAFS.

“Booka is a staunch feminist, and Brett made sexist comments about Booka and women in general that didn’t sit well with her,” a source close to Booka told So Dramatic!

Well I guess love is a lie…