Hmm: An Anon MAFS Contestant Is Claiming Some Of Olivia’s Scenes Were ‘Re-Filmed & Re-Edited’

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

MAFS fans were super pissed that old mate Olivia Frazer didn’t get chewed out by the experts at the almighty finale. But according to an anonymous contestant, she did get chewed out, we just didn’t see it.

The mysterious bride or groom chatted to the So Dramatic! podcast and claimed that a scene in which relationship expert John Aiken took Liv to task for her shitty behaviour was edited out of the ep.

“John went to town and slammed her,” the contestant claimed.

Meanwhile multiple sources have alleged that several scenes involving Olivia have been “edited” and “reshot” in order to “soften her image.”

In particular the finale scene in which fellow bride Holly Greenstein asked Liv why she wouldn’t apologise to Domenica over the fucked up nude photo incident was allegedly edited.

“100 per cent they would have re-edited that scene because she had absolutely no remorse at the reunion,” the source added.

“She’s like, ‘Nup, I have no remorse’. They totally re-filmed that recently and added it in to soften the blow!”

PEDESTRIAN.TV has reached out to Nine for a comment.

The entire season of MAFS is available on 9Now, if ya wanna get caught up on what went down.