MAFS Fans Were Severely Disappointed To Watch Olivia Cop A Medium-Rare Roast At The Reunion

mafs olivia frazer reunion finale
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MAFS fans were severely disappointed to see the experts not hold Olivia Frazer fully accountable for her behaviour towards Domenica Calarco throughout the season.

ICYMI, the MAFS 2022 stars reunited with experts John Aiken, Mel Schilling and Allesandra Rampolla in the season finale.

The trio caught up with the couples and rehashed most of the key drama from the season. That included Brent Vitiello v Tamara Djordjevic, Daniel Holmes and Carolina Santos’ cheating scandal and Dom and Liv’s season-long feud.

The experts exposed Tamara’s story about Mitch Eynaud calling her. Then they called out Daniel and Carolina for the way they treated their on-screen partners Dion Giannarelli and Jess Seracino in the experiment.

Fans were hoping the experts had this same energy towards Olivia for the way she weaponised Dom’s nude photo and used it to turn the entire group against her. But all they saw was the experts giving Liv a medium-rare roast for her behaviour and offering her sympathy. It was a bit ironic because Olivia previously said she was incapable of having empathy for another person.

The experts then played back the footage of what happened at the Couples’ Retreat. They exposed Liv’s claim that Dom “fashioned a weapon” and pointed it at her face. But they let the contestants comment on what they saw and didn’t really call Olivia out themselves.

They also showed but didn’t really make a proper deal about Liv telling producers she found Dom’s photo but then telling the group her friend did.

The experts mentioned on Sunday that Olivia intentionally didn’t tell Ella Ding about the photo because she was Dom’s friend. But they didn’t appear to bring that up when they could have on Monday.

Ofc, this could all be the edit. But fans were absolutely fuming to see a lack of proper accountability.

Several called Olivia out for using white tears to make herself look like a victim. It was something she had been accused of doing when she was previously confronted with her manipulative behaviour on the show.

One fan described Olivia’s behaviour towards Dom as “targeted, hateful and relentless”. They said her attempt at victimising herself at the reunion made them feel sick.

“Really? That’s all Olivia got? Where was her telling off,” asked another viewer.

A bunch of MAFS fans also felt Olivia got off way too easy on Monday.

“Olivia got off lightly. We do not claim her or her disgusting behaviour,” said one viewer.

“I would like to go back a little to Olivia and actually address her shitty behaviour because that was a very big letdown after all she has done,” said another.

Here were the other best tweets about Olivia being held mildly accountable for her season-long behaviour at the reunion on Monday night.

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