Yesterday I wrote an article about how the MAFS 2021 contestants have fared in terms of Instagram followings ‘cos let’s face it, that’s the main reason why most of these people sign on for reality shows, especially the dating ones.

And since the show wrapped up over the weekend and some of the contestants have been granted access to their Instagram pages, brands will surely be looking at the brides and grooms’ accounts and seeing who is worth investing in and who is not.

Brands generally look at a variety of things when choosing influencers to partner with, including the amount of followers a person has, what their engagement looks like, if that person has been embroiled in public scandals and would therefore damage their brand (which means most of this year’s cast is doomed, TBH), and finally, if an influencer is verified. Yep, that lil blue tick really is the keys to the kingdom.

I’ve gone through literally every single contestant from this year’s season (pray for me) and at the time of reporting, I’ve found that they’ve all been blessed with that coveted blue tick, except for two peeps: Liam Cooper and Johnny Balbuziente.

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I can understand why the latter hasn’t been verified yet given the homophobic video that he took part in alongside Jason Engler and Georgia Fairweather, both of whom have been blue ticked and had their accountability scenes in the final ep scrapped (ugh).

But what I can’t understand is why Liam Cooper is yet to be verified?

In my ranking of the least to most followed MAFS 2021 contestants, Liam Cooper ranked at 17/20 which isn’t the best score, I know, but still, he walked away from the show with 43.1k followers. Meanwhile Russell Duance has a measly 5k and he’s verified, so what gives?

Also, Liam Cooper has been a strong advocate for bi visibility and bi rights in the face on unfathomable prejudice, so if anyone deserves to be exalted on social media, it’s him.

Head here to have a read of the full list of MAFS 2021 contestants and see how they fair in the ranking. I think you’ll agree that Liam Cooper absolutely deserves a blue tick, like, yesterday.