The MAFS 2021 Cast Are Reportedly Banned From Sponsored Insta Posts, So What’s The Fkn Point?

MAFS 2021

This year’s MAFS contestants are reportedly being blocked from making Instagram endorsement deals this season, as a unique social media ban has been put in place for this year’s cast.

In an interview with Woman’s Day, former MAFS contestant Aleks Markovic says she “feels sorry” for the brides and grooms of season eight, who were reportedly unable to access Instagram DMs at all, thus missing out on a heap of sponsorship deals.

It’s no secret that the stars of Married At First Sight love a bit of sponsored content. If you go to the Instagram page of a previous contestant, chances are you’ll probably find a pic of them smiling next to a random food/beauty kit that they’re being paid to promote.

It’s a normal part of the experience, and it helps contestants to make a fair bit of coin after the show is wrapped up, and they’re suddenly left with tens of thousands of followers. Can’t be an influencer unless you’re influencing, y’know.

Insider sources, however, have told Woman’s Day that the cast of season 8’s MAFS can’t make the most of this time thanks to their unique social media ban, which was not in place for any other season. That’s why you probably haven’t seen them promoting vibrators and teeth whiteners recently.

“I feel sorry for them and if I were them, I’d be pretty pissed off,” Markovic told the magazine.

“The contestants in my season milked their Instagram accounts, organising all sorts of deals with magazines, plus free [dental work] and clothing.

“It’s a big thing to take away from someone and I can’t help thinking this season’s contestants are paying for it because my season messed up.”

Instagram rules for members of the MAFS casts have been tightening over the last couple of years, after contestants have been using Instagram to speak out against the show, or post content that the show isn’t exactly a fan of.

Woman’s Day reports that the only thing the cast of season 8 can do on their Instagram accounts is write out the captions for their posts, which are dictated by Nine. Direct messages are not allowed to be accessed, and comments must be turned off for every post.

Naturally, this stops contestants from seeing which brands are sliding into their DMs hoping for a sponsorship post. However, it also allows them to stay away from any hate comments that may be coming their way, which is one benefit of the rule.

“I suppose it’s a way of keeping them on-side,” said Markovic.

“It’s a double-edged sword… You want all that stuff, but knowing what I know now, you’re better off not seeing all the death threats and ugly messages that slide into your account.

“The hate is next level, and after my season finished, Nine had to pay for 10 sessions with a kinesiologist for me, because I was having real issues.”

In case you have somehow forgotten what a sponsored post looks like, here are a bunch of former MAFS and Bachie contestants who have posted some brand-endorsing content recently.

Get that money girls.