There’s still a bit of confusion around whether or not this year’s MAFS contestants have access to their Instagram accounts again after having them snatched away at the start of the season. I personally have a theory that some brides and grooms have been granted access again following the reunion, while others are still being controlled by the producers because they’re loose cannons, but that’s just a theory.

Throughout the course of this season, producers have been sharing posts on behalf of MAFS contestants and overtime, their follower counts have obvs grown.

So now that they (or at least some of them, maybe?) have control of their Instas again post-experiment, let’s see which ones have collected the most followers and are therefore most likely to launch successful careers as influencers ‘cos let’s face it, that’s what they come for after all.

24. Russell Duance – 5177

Based on the food snaps and suited-up selfies, it’s looking like MAFS star Russell Duance has had the keys back to his Instagram since he was yeeted from the show and yet he’s still only managed to clock in just over 5k followers.

A solid increase from what we started on, I’m sure, but his future as an influencer is doubtful, TBH.

23. Jaimie Gardner – 8440

Despite the mass tea she’s been spilling on Instagram, sadly MAFS babe Jaimie Gardner ranked second last on this list which is a real fkn shame, if ya ask me.

I implore you to chuck her a follow, she posts some primo content on there.

22. Beth Moore – 18.9k

21. James Susler – 23.5k

20. Jason Engler – 28.8k followers

Jason Engler wasn’t held accountable for his actions in the MAFS finale, but it looks like the internet has spoken as he’s veeeeery lowdown on the list. It’s what he deserves, etc etc.

19. Sam Carraro – 37k

18. Patrick Dwyer – 42.9k

17. Liam Cooper – 43.1k

King Liam Cooper scored a decent enough spot on this list but given the way he handled himself with dignity in the face of unspeakable homophobia, I’d defs class him as a queer icon of 2021 and therefore reckon he’s got a chance at being a stellar influencer (if that’s what he’s after).

16. Jo Todd – 43.8k

15. Cameron Dunne – 53k

14. Belinda Vickers – 55.4k

13. Beck Zemek – 59.3k

Ya know how I wrote earlier that I have a theory that certain MAFS stars still don’t have access to their ‘grams yet? I reckon Beck Zemek is one of them, TBH.

Have a geeze through her Insta and you’ll see what I mean.

12. Bryce Ruthven – 61.2k

Same goes for Bryce Ruthven, for obvi reasons.

I’m not loving his chances as an influencer, which I’m sure, is what he wants more than anything.

11. Christopher Jensen – 63.6k

Despite almost cracking the top 10 (no pun intended – howling @ that pic ^), Chris Jensen is in quite a bit of trouble with the law, so I don’t see brands reaching out to him anytime soon.

ICYMI: Chris Jensen is currently out on bail for drug trafficking charges and is expected to face court again on July 23.

10. Georgia Fairweather – 65.7k

9. Brett Helling – 70.6k

8. Melissa Rawson – 80.8k

7. Kerry Knight – 81k

6. Samantha Harvey – 81.5k

5. Jake Edwards – 83.6k

4. Alana Lister – 85.6k

So stoked that our queen Alana Lister made the top 5!

To quote Lady Gaga, “Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before, unafraid to reference or not reference, put it in a blender, shit on it, vomit on it, eat it, give birth to it.”

3. Johnny Balbuziente – 87.5k

2. Coco Stedman – 97.8k

Coco Stedman’s smiley and bubbly persona obvs made her a MAFS must-follow and she’s scored the second position on this list.

You go, Glen Coco.

1. Booka Nile – 102k

It should come as no shock that Booka Nile tops this list as she was the only MAFS star who was famous before the show (soz Bryce, the Nokia commercial doesn’t count).

I’m sure she’s all too keen to return to her music career, but I bet brands will be banging at her door (or at least, sliding into her DMs) with all kinds of offers and she’ll make a fine influencer in time.