60 Mins Interviewed Lizzo Days Before The Lawsuit Went Public & Ppl Reckon She Hinted At It

lizzo 60 minutes
CONTENT WARNING: This article discusses sexual harassment allegations.

People are watching Lizzo‘s 60 Minutes with renewed scrutiny post-harassment lawsuit and reckon that something she said may have referenced the impending controversy.

Lizzo was in Sydney in late July for a concert, and recorded her only Australian interview at the time with 60 Minutes.

Days after the interview, the sexual harassment lawsuit launched by her former employees went public, and all hell broke loose.

60 Minutes went ahead and aired its talk with the star on Sunday, which has led folks to wonder if Lizzo hinted at what was coming.

In the interview, she discussed all the things fans used to love her for: her iconic flute and, of course, her body positivity.

“When I first started saying ‘I love myself’, it was radical and it was necessary because people didn’t believe it,” she said.

“People were like ‘but why would you love yourself, you’re fat’ and it’s like, yeah that’s the point, like fat people can love themselves.”

However, later in the interview, she discussed people trying to bring her down.

“I was sad and stuff earlier today,” she told the 60 Minutes crew.

“And, I still feel like, for some odd reason, even if I’m having a bad day or if I’m going through something, people still get good from it.”

Hmm. Are people getting “good” from you having a bad day, or are former employees celebrating the exposure of an (allegedly) toxic work environment?

ICYMI, days after the 60 Minutes interview, dancers Arianna DavisCrystal Williams and Noelle Rodriguez sued Lizzo for an array of complaints including sexual harassment, fat-shaming and extreme working conditions.

The lawsuit led to an avalanche of other former employees or colleagues sharing their own terrible stories of working with the star, including a filmmaker who was going to make Lizzo’s documentary before they left the project over an allegedly “toxic” and “hostile” environment they attributed to the singer.

Lizzo has since released a statement in which she called the allegations against her “outrageous” and “false”.

She has categorically denied fat-shaming her staff, but was more vague in her acknowledgement of the harassment claims.

You can read her full non-apology here.