In the latest news to add to your 2021 bingo, Lisa Wilkinson has accused Kim Kardashian of *checks notes* stealing a picture of fruit???

Wilkinson shared a screenshot onto her Instagram story of someone asking whether Khloe had taken her photo of some very aesthetic fruit.

“Yes, this is definitely my photo. Blown up with no credit???” Wilkinson said in a caption over the image. She also tagged Khloe in her call out. Which is just like, the strangest thing to attempt to fight Khloe on, but go off queen!

Lisa Wilkinson insta story
I just… why?? Why would Khloe do this??? Image: Instagram lisa_wilkinson

If you’re wondering why on earth Lisa Wilkinson’s fruit picture would even be anywhere near Khloe Kardashian’s feed, it’s because Gwenyth Paltrow actually shared it onto her Goop Instagram account around a month ago. With permission, of course.

If I had to guess, I’d say that Khloe’s team (or Khloe herself, I really don’t know what the makeup of her social planning team looks like) save pictures that encapsulate whatever vibe Khloe is after that day, and then just reshare them for story engagies.

If you click through Khloe story right now, Wilkinson’s fruit picture is indeed there  – and so are a bunch of other seemingly random, uncredited images. There’s cows under a rainbow, a wall full of floral decorations, a raccoon hugging a Chihuahua, a bunch of llama plushies, and a Dalmatian wearing heart-shaped sunglasses.

Basically, it legit does look like an intern was given a Pinterest board titled ‘vibes’ and told to run a story around it, and so they did.

Tbh, at this point we really shouldn’t be surprised by Khloe Kardashian, or really any Kardashian, appropriating shit that isn’t theirs. I mean, for them it’s on brand. This is actually consistent.


Well either way, I hope Wilkinson gets the credit she’s after – lord knows there’s no shortage of people the Kardashians need to credit for their work.