Suss This Vid Of Lil Nas X Stopping His Entire Show To Take A Big Ol’ Dump Out The Back

While performing in Atlanta, Lil Nas X paused his entire concert to take a huge dump backstage. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

If I didn’t already have mad FOMO from the Long Live Montero tour, I’ve got it in spades now.

“I’m backstage and this is like, not a part of the show. But I’m taking a mean shit so please forgive me,” the artist informed his audience members to their horror and/or applause.

“I’m gonna need a minute or two and I’ll be right back.”

What an absolute king. This is what real communication looks like!

Upon hearing the haters had doubts about whether he was dropping a big plop, Lil Nas X clapped back on Twitter.

In a re-share of the original video, he confirmed he was 100 per cent “dropping demons into that toilet”.

Naturally, the replies to Nas X’s tweet are (horrifically) funny.

I’ve assembled a selection of the most awful ones below for your viewing pleasure.

I think my personal favourite has to be the “he is so real for this” comment.

Lord save us.

Not gonna lie, this story has absolutely sent me.

Lil Nas X should definitely do a comedy special sometime soon. I’d watch the hell out of that.

This whole situation also reminds us that world-famous musicians and rockstars are people too.

They have needs, they have desires, and they have shits to take.

When nature calls, you gotta answer! Even if you’re performing a show to thousands of people.

Let’s put it this way, at least it wasn’t as visual as the singer who pissed in her audience member’s mouth in November last year.

Lil Nas X is due to arrive in the land down under over the New Year’s period.

He has also been vocal about his desire to tour with The Wiggles.

What a crossover that would be!