A Band Has Apologised After Their Singer, Uh, Pissed On An Audience Member’s Face On-Stage

brass against band lead singer pees on audience member

I regret to inform you that a band is going viral on Twitter because their lead singer literally pissed on the face of an audience member. During a live show. And footage shows him having to spit some of it out. Screaming.

During the Welcome to Rockville festival at the Daytona International Speedway in Florida, a band called Brass Against was performing a cover of ‘Wake Up’ by Rage Against The Machine.

Mid-song, the lead singer Sophia Urista (incredible name given this story) announced she needed to pee… and then invited an audience member up on the stage to piss on.

“Get my man with the can on his head ready, ’cause we’re going to bring him onstage and I’ma piss in this motherfucker’s mouth,” she can be heard saying in footage of the event. Click that link at your own risk.

Yes, the man literally had a can on his head, and yes he happily got on the stage.

“I gotta pee,” she said.

“And I can’t make it to the bathroom. So we might as well make a show out of it.”

The audience member willingly lay on the stage between her legs, and then Urista pulled down her pants, pissed on him, and at the same time continued the song as if this is totally normal.

Now, I know some of you heathens are probably into that, but I am NOT, and if I saw that at a concert I would actually gag. And not in a hot way.

The funniest part though, is that if that was all, this story probably wouldn’t have got as much attention as it did. But Brass Against tweeted about the performance, and it’s just… the understatement of the year.

“We had a great time last night at Welcome to Rockville,” the Brass Against Twitter account wrote.

“Sophia got carried away. That’s not something the rest of us expected, and it’s not something you’ll see again at our shows. Thanks for bringing it last night, Daytona.”

Carried away? Sir, she pissed in a man’s mouth on stage in front of a live audience.

In a since-deleted tweet, the band also said: “We’re truly sorry. Not who we are as a band.”

Clearly I am not very rock ‘n roll though, because heaps of people on Twitter actually thought it was metal as fuck.


Look, to each their own. I for one, hope I never have to experience anything like this myself.