King Thot Lil Nas X Slithered Back Onto Social Media To Tease Us With A Taste Of His New Music

lil nas x new music tease twitter tiktok

Happy Friday friends, we’re being gloriously fed today. Lil Nas X has not only made his return to social media after an extended sabbatical but he’s revealed he’s been pretty busy over that time.

Our thotty king has been working on another musical offering, and he’s blessed us with a delicious tease of what’s to come from the industry baby.

Lil Nas X popped a snippet of delicious tunes up on TikTok in the wee hours of Friday morning while we were on our honk shoo honk shoo shit in bed. It’s got bulk end-of-week energies to it and absolutely makes me wanna hit the club even though it’s like 11.30am.



♬ LEAN ON MY BODY – lil nas x

Everything about this is so good. The fake keyboard playing, the shirtlessness, the perfectly-placed trucker cap that sits just right on his hair and the fact he’s clearly propped everything up on a treadmill so he can strut while he lipsyncs for his life to his own song. Glorious. Just stunning.

The track doesn’t have an official name just yet, but Lil Nas X captioned the TikTok with “LEAN ON MY BODY!”. It’s not much but by God, we’ll take it.

His return to social media — Twitter especially — hasn’t just been a little pop in, either. He’s gone and filled us in on everything he’s been up to over the last four months. He shared all the ways he’s styled his hair, joked that he actually tapped out to go get a BBL (Brazilian butt lift) and dropped the small fact that his next album is “close to finished”. Man’s been BUSY.

Lil Nas X also teased that one of his other incoming heaters “Down Souf Hoes” is — and I quote — “a strip club anthem”.

He also shared another sample of a track he’s been working on and hinted he’s going to find another artist to feature on it.

The unnamed track is chaotic, saturated in auto-tune and is chock-filled with the classic IDGAF sass we’ve come to know and love from the “Old Town Road” rapper.

I mean, who else could spit “I’ve been rapping for three years, this shit is easy to me”? No one. And nobody else can make me wheeze that hard with a single line.

It’s the return of the king, and we are so blessed to bear witness to it. We’re in for a damn ride this year I reckon.