The Met Gala entrances are in full flight, and Lil Nas X has flattened us with not one, not two, but three reveals on the iconic stage.

THREE. We simply do not deserve this.

Lil Nas X backed it up from his stunning turn out and performance at the MTV VMAs yesterday in three golden Versace pieces – continuing on from the lavender piece yesterday. Has anyone checked in on Lady Gaga? Because LNX is definitely coming for the crown of Reveal Queen this year.

His entrance began with a gorgeous, regal moment: a heavy-ass full golden cape that definitely hinted this wasn’t the end of his look for the evening.

lil nas x met gala versace
[Image: Getty Images / John Shearer / WireImage]
Then two very well-dressed handlers came and de-robed him (literally), revealing a golden knight/robot look. My man’s out here looking like a horny C-3PO and I’m not complaining.

lil nas x met gala versace
[Image: Getty Images / John Shearer / WireImage]
I mean that alone would have been enough, right? Not for the king of the carpet, thank you.

He stripped it back for a third time, revealing his final carpet look for the night – a sparkly, encrusted gold bodysuit paired with a pair of Versace stomper platform boots, matching earrings, and a gold choker. A hell of a serve.

lil nas x met gala versace
[Image:  Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images for The Met Museum / Vogue]
I can’t even imagine how fucking heavy this must have been, or how hot Lil Nas X must have been under all that golden garb. I dunno about him by even my ass is a swampy mess just thinking about it.

The internet has understandably lost it’s mind over Lil Nas X’s turn-out for the Met Gala, which definitely could have been three years worth of costumes for the iconic event.

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Image: Getty Images / John Shearer