A Reporter Dragged Lil Nas X’s VMAs Fit Right To His Face & The Internet’s Having None Of It

lil nas x red carpet mtv vmas

The MTV Video Music Awards have just kicked off, but first we have the all-important red carpet pre-show. As expected, Lil Nas X has turned it the fuck out in a gem-encrusted lavender suit with an incredible off-shoulder duster coat dress hybrid, and a full curled mullet moment cascading down his back. It’s a hell of a look, but one red carpet reporter wasn’t on board, making for a truly awkward moment.

While Lil Nas X was out here looking like Prince, Little Richard and Rick James‘ love child if they had Billy Porter as their doula, he asked MTV’s red carpet host Jamila Mustafa whether she thought he looked good – knowing full we he fuckin’ did.

Her response has definitely lit up the internet, because it was pretty brutal.

“I’m happy, I look good,” Lil Nas X said.

“Do you think I look good?”

To which Jamila replied with a truly frank and honest read of his drip.

“Listen, I’m not gonna say I’m hating on the fit,” she said.

“But let’s move on.”

Ma’am. MA’AM. I get that a Versace Super Freak mauve moment might not be to everyone’s tastes, but my god do you have to read him like that right in front of the whole world?

The immediate reaction online was a sense of true shock that anyone would be so devastatingly honest to Lil Nas X’s face like that, and impressed with how well he took the serve. You have to respect the fact that he just smiled and took it like a champion because hot damn he could have just handed back the mic and walked away to the next interview after that awkies moment.


Lil Nas X’s stunning look isn’t the only chaotically horny moment to hit the carpet at the VMAs this year, and lord knows we love to critique red carpet fashions, so check out our full rundown over HERE.