Bachie Star Slut-Shamed For Topless Waitressing Joins OnlyFans To Reclaim Her Body

Ex- Bachelor contestant Leah Costa has shed light on the slut-shaming and ridicule she experienced after the public found out she worked as a topless waitress. She is now reclaiming her body by joining OnlyFans. Queen.

In the heart-felt post made to Instagram today, she revealed how images and videos of her were shared without her consent – reaching over 320 million people. However, she said she never received any money after those images were distributed.

Announcement: Back in 2017, I decided to throw my hat in the ring and participate in a little tv show called ‘The Bachelor’. It was meant to be some light-hearted fun, where I could possibly find love.

What followed was an experience which I can only identify as intense widespread slut-shaming by the show, the media and the general public for working as a topless waitress. During this exercise, imagery of me was released without my consent in an attempt to tarnish my character, a single video reaching over 320 million people and being shared more than 43,000 times in the process. Do you know how much money I made from that video? Nothing, nada, zero, zip.

After being bullied and made to apologise for literally her own body, Leah Costa decided to put the power back into her own hands and make an OnlyFans.

That’s why I’ve decided to launch an OnlyFans/Privaposts account. It’s ethical, consensual and content shared on my OWN terms. This is a woman on top, a woman in charge and a woman who won’t allow anyone to dictate or her choices or forced to feel ashamed of her body.

Many of the comments were extremely supportive of Costa’s new endeavour into OnlyFans, but sadly some of the commenters didn’t seem to grasp the sentiment.

“Hahaha wow, turns out your pics CAN get hotter,” one commenter wrote.

Did you even read the caption, buddy?

Other ex-Bachie fam also showed their support for Costa in the comments.

Yes even Australia’s favourite douchebag, Pascal Wallace showed his support.

Costa made her name as a contestant on Matty J‘s season of The Bachelor, and later went on to the first season of Bachelor in Paradise.

While on Bachie Costa copped the shitty ‘villain’ edit and unfortunately had to reveal her profession on TV (because there’s no way producers would let someone being a topless waitress slide).

After everything she’s been through, I think Leah truly deserves to have some autonomy over her own body. When you go on a show like The Bachelor, there is this misconception from the public that they own you.

It’s great that Leah has realised that, and is now taking the power back for herself.

Go girl!