Lady Gaga Has Shared A Vid Of Melbourne Gays Clubbing Because Hell Yes, We’re Smashing COVID

Lady Gaga Australia Message Melbourne Gays

Goodbye COVID, hello dancing. Well, for most of us at least, but that’s the message that Lady Gaga wants to share with Australians after Aussie gays posted some iconic videos dancing to her most recent album Chromatica… in the clubs!!

Oh, to dance to ‘911’ and ‘Replay’… it’s a fantasy that most of us have had since the album released late May, smack-bang in the middle of lockdowns and our 200th attempt at baking banana bread.

For some of us, that fantasy came true, with the clubs opening right up and the people getting the opportunity to slut drop once more on the dancefloor to Gaga hits. And Gaga herself took notice, sending a cute little message our way and sharing a video of the gays simply losing it to her songs. This was basically her way of making it clear to those overseas that this is what they could have if they just wear a damn mask.


“Happy for Australia! Praying for the rest of the world that we all can be dancing together soon.”

I need to dance with the gays to ‘Replay.’ I simply demand it. Look at how much fun everyone is having.

Gaga fans then responded to the post with even more vids of people losing their collective minds to Chromatica songs, including eyes rolling into the backs of heads and extremely loud screams. Sounds like heaven to me.

This upcoming vid is from Sircuit in Victoria, which truly goes off every single time. And hey, the Victorians have definitely earnt their party days.

Naturally, upon seeing the joy of people grinding bodies with each other with no masks and Gaga blasting in the background, the Americans were not too happy.

And of course, they voiced this discontent and burning jealousy in the only way that they really know how. Through memes.

Here are some of the funniest memes from the Americans who, at this rate, won’t be clubbing any time soon.

If you need me I will be taking Gaga’s blessing and using it to pray for the clubs to reopen in Sydney.