Lady Gaga Is Flogging ‘Rain On Me’ Gumboots To Go With Your ‘Chromatica’ Jockstrap

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is surely only moments away from releasing Chromatica-themed poppers and dildos, but in the meantime, she’s come up with yet another ingenious way to part the gays and their money – a pair of official ‘Rain On Me‘ gumboots.

The ‘Rather Be Dry Rainboots’ appeared on her online store this morning for $120 US, which works out to roughly $183.60 Australian. That’s not all though – if you act now, you can pair them with this delightfully deranged Lady Gaga umbrella, for just $85 US.

RATHER BE DRY UMBRELLA – Lady Gaga Official Shop

Gaga has already been flogging Chromatica-themed jockstraps, thongs and briefs on her online store, and all items come with a digital copy of the album, because Mother Monster will get those sales by any means necessary.

As my mate put it in the group chat this morning, “teaming the galoshes with the Chromatica jock strap will be A Look”. Yes, yes it will.

Earlier today, the video for Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande‘s ‘Rain On Me’ arrived, and honestly, the two of them didn’t have to go this hard, but I’m very happy that they did, because the whole thing is the big, sweaty, horny gay dance party we’ve all been craving in iso.

Chromatica, which was originally due out April 10, now drops on May 29. h