Here Are Just 13 Memes About Lady Gaga Collabing With Oreo To Make The Ultimate Gay Treat

Chromatic Gaga Oreos

Lady Gaga, in her pursuit of world domination, has decided to collaborate with Oreos to release Chromatica-coloured chocolate biscuits, and her fans (the gays) have already created a whole range of memes around these new bikkies.

Both Gaga and the folks who make Oreos announced the news this morning, and showcased the pink and green biscuits wrapped in a shiny foil to the world. Why are these biscuits a thing? Who knows, but her fans (the gays) are not complaining.

Some folks reckon that the biscuit was inspired by the song ‘Sour Candy’ featuring Blackpink, and that the upcoming release of these treats is foreshadowing a brand new music video for the song, which would probably shut the internet down instantly. However, there’s no word yet on whether or not the Oreos will actually be sour.

Of course, the internet made some miraculous memes to get us through this Thursday evening, praising the biscuit as the second coming of Christ. (It probably isn’t but it sure does look tasty.)

Here’s a collection of the greatest Chromatica Oreo memes.

This image of the Pope will forever we engrained into my mind.

Time to break my healthy eating habits for the 300th time this day just to plough through an entire packet of coloured cream-filleds.

Send. The Oreos. To Australia.

This next one literally sent me down -4 on the horizontal axis. Dead.

Shout out to Oreo for breaking their blue streak to celebrate the Gaga collab. That is true bravery.

I simply must try these Chromatica Oreos for review purposes. I simply must know if they taste like poppers and champagne like all the gays are saying.

Fans can sign up for the pre-order notification, and join the ‘Lady Gaga Oreo Stan Club’, which sounds like something that Twitter made up, but it’s the actual official name given to the people who want their pink Oreos.

If you need me, I’ll be patiently waiting for Oreo to release more info on when we can twist, lick and dunk Chromatica Oreos into a tall glass of milk.