Lady Gaga Is Reportedly In Talks To Play Bayonetta In A Live-Action Film And I’m So Ready

Bayonetta Lady Gaga

Thank your lucky stars, strap on your knee-high latex boots, don your favourite set of OPSM glasses and get ready for the witching hour, because Lady Gaga is in talks to play Bayonetta in a live-action film, and I simply cannot contain my gay excitement.

The power that this has. The cultural reset that is waiting patiently around the corner for us to seize with our unworthy hands. Imagine a world in which Gaga plays Bayonetta. Go on, close your eyes and do it. Okay, now stop. Because you no longer need to dream. This could very well be a reality.

Now, for those of you who do not understand why you should be excited right now, let me break it down for you. Bayonetta is basically a witch who beats the hell out of weird as fuck looking angelic forces, and donning impeccable looks in the process.

She’s camp, she’s sassy, she’s unreasonably hot, and she has guns for high heels. Who better to play her than Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta? No one, that’s who.

If the director of this film needs some money, the gays have your back.

According to We Got This Covered (WGTC), Sony Pictures is slated to produce the film in the relatively near future, and Gaga is currently who they have eyes on to play the lead role.

On top of this, reports say that Sony is similarly eyeing director Patty Jenkins (Wonder Woman) to be the lead filmmaker behind this project.

Naturally, as all speculative rumours go, this is just who Sony is currently eyeing. There is no news just yet on whether or not these individuals have been contacted, but in a dream world, this is the team who will be joining forces on the movie.

Ultimately, we’ll be getting a Bayonetta live-action with or without Gaga, which is something to still cause a fuss about.

It’s no secret that Gaga absolutely loves the game series either, tweeting in 2018 that she was stuck on a boss while trying to complete the first game.

Well, at least Bayonetta 3 is also coming out soon, so maybe Gaga can just make songs on the soundtrack if she doesn’t feel like getting back into the acting gig. It should also be noted that Gaga is like… 5ft? And Bayonetta is tall as fuck? So… that might be an issue.

I’ll be waiting for more confirmations on this one. Impatiently and with all the queer hope that one can muster. Please, oh heavens, all I want is Lady Gaga Bayonetta.