Watch Kylie Minogue Absolutely Cream Her Jeans When Asked About Kath & Kim During An Interview

Aussie treasure Kylie Minogue might be a tizzy celeb who’s Padam, Padamed her way across the globe but that doesn’t mean she’s forgotten where she came from.

Nay, our girl Kylie is still proud as punch of her Aussie roots and she isn’t afraid to boast about them when she’s abroad.

A particular part of her roots that she’s proud of is her short but incredibly impactful stint on Kath & Kim as Epponnee-Rae.

During her appearance on The Zach Sang Show, the host probed her about her appearance on Kath & Kim way back when and she was thrilled to learn that it has become renowned worldwide.

She even impersonated the classic “look at moiyeeee” line and rattled off Epponnee’s multiple names.

Kath & Kim forever,” she said. “To be on their set was wild.”

She found it amusing that “of all the things” she’s done, Kath & Kim was spotlighted. Although she said that working on the show is “definitely up there” in her favourite projects ever.

Catch the divine moment below:

Kylie only appeared in one Kath & Kim ep, titled “99% Fat Free” (2004), in a flashforward sequence that showed what the Day-Knights would get up to in the future.

In the episode, we see that little Eps (played by Kylie) gets hitched, Sharon (Magda Szubanski) ends up with Brett (Peter Hawthorne), Kel (Glenn Robbins) really lets himself go.

As for Kath (Jane Turner) and Kim (Gina Riley), well, they’re still foxy hornbags, just a lil bit chookier.

Kath & Kim is now streaming in its entirety on Netflix if ya wanna catch Kylie Minogue in all her glory, along with the controversial reunion spesh.

Bang the toot on your way out, will ya doll?