WATCH: Mad Max Star Abbey Lee Kershaw Totally Nail The ‘Kath & Kim’ Accent

Iconic Aussie supermodel and star of Mad Max: Fury Road, Abbey Lee Kershaw, resigns supreme as one of the most unique talents borne of this sunburned country.

But, turns out one of her talents also lies in accent parody. We’re not entirely sure how far her range of accents extends, but we do know her ‘Eastern-state suburban mum’ accent is nailed, hard. This accent is better known as the ‘Kath & Kim’ accent. 
Abbey Lee has proven her accented talent in a self-posted Youtube video, in which she completes the popular accent tag challenge. 
She’s adorable, as is the background noise of her mates trying their hardest not to crap themselves laughing at her saying ‘aluminium’. 
Watch below: 
via Youtube