Kylie Jenner Was Papped Without Her Hair, Face And Lips Done Up So It Must Be The End Times

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Kudos to all the folks getting tizzed up to chat to their mates on Zoom over the weekend, but I sure as shit ain’t putting in the effort, and neither is beauty boss Kylie Jenner.

Viral photos are doing the ’rounds showing the makeup mogul going makeup free while out and about on what we hope was an essential trip.

Not only was she makeup-free, but she was also shoe-free which probably wasn’t the wisest decision considering germs are running rampant right now.

Anyway, have a go at the pics here, and for comparison, here are some pics of what the reality star ~usually~ looks like:

kylie jenner

Kylie Jenner

kylie jenner

Welcome back au naturale Kyzlizzle, I’ve missed ya!

Meanwhile, the youngest self-made billionaire has done her bit to assist with COVID-19 relief, bless her.

Kylie and her mother Kris Jenner — along with beauty company Coty Inc. — donated over 6,000 pounds of hand sanitisers to Southern California hospitals.

A tweet by Beverly Hills-based surgeon Shirin Towfigh revealed that hospitals in the Los Angeles area were currently facing a Purell shortage. Towfigh also tweeted a picture of the 80 percent alcohol-based hand sanitiser, which comes in a clear bottle with a black-and-white label branded by Jenner’s skin-care line Kylie Skin.