Britney Spears’ Family Drama Was Predicted Nearly 20 Years Ago In A Resurfaced Korean Interview

Britney Spears has her fortune told in Korean interview.

A Korean interviewer read Britney Spears fortune nearly 20 years ago, predicting her relationship with her family would struggle. Which normally I would roll my eyes at, except just a few years later, Britney’s family would place her into an abusive conservatorship against her will.

Ah, TikTok. The place for hilarious memes, great life hacks, and resurfaced celebrity interviews that make you question your entire existence. Enter Britney Spears, and an interaction she had with a fortune teller in 2003.

In a snippet of the 2003 South Korean special Britney & BoA shared on TikTok, baby Britney has her future read to her. It seems like the generalised stuff most fortune telling gives you, and it probably is, but it still feels eerie to hear such predictions knowing what we now know about Britney and her personal life.

The woman interviewing Britney says she is “very smart”, has a clear mind and soul, and is super articulate. Which already has me sobbing, knowing that not long after this interview Britney will go on to be painted as ‘crazy’, ‘unhinged’ and generally out of control by tabloid media, and have her whole life taken away from her.

The interviewer then goes on to say that there’s a barrier between Britney and her family.

“You’re very separated from your family, don’t get too close to your family,” the fortune teller says.

Hmm. Interesting information considering the abuse and control allegations against her father, that ultimately result to Britney being placed in her conservatorship in 2008.

Britney is also told she’ll find prosperity later in life (after being freed from a conservatorship perhaps?), and that March and September will be significant months for romance in 2004.

Now I don’t know about March, but spoiler alert: Britney marries Kevin Federline in September, 2004.

I know most people will watch that TikTok and roll their eyes because it’s pretty generic fortune telling, and maybe they’re right, but you can’t pretend it doesn’t give you goosebumps to watch a young, naive Britney hear words that hold more weight than she could ever predict.

You can watch the full interview below.