Kim K Gave A Shoutout To Taylor Swift On Insta & I’ve Got No Fkn Idea What To Make Of It

Scorpio season x Mercury in retrograde has clearly had its impact on the celebrity world ‘coz the stars have pulled a few doozies lately and NGL, this Scorpio is loving every minute of it.

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The latest bizarre occurrence comes via Kim Kardashian who is projecting some weird energy at her maybe rival Taylor Swift right now.

Having been a fan of both ladies for years, I can tell you that one thing they have in common is how calculating they are.

Every single thing they put out, whether it be music (yes that includes Kim, remember ‘Jam’?), a perfume or even something as mundane as an Instagram Story has been meticulously planned.

So Kim’s latest IG vid has people seriously losing it.

The clip in question shows two members of Kim’s style team making up after what I assume is a barney at a photoshoot, and her rival’s new song ‘Lover’ could be heard playing in the background.

Again, if it were any other celeb I’d think it was a total coincidence but considering Kim has full control of everything she does down to the smallest detail, she defs knew what she was doing.

Plus, considering her hubby is something of a music legend and is often played at her photoshoots, it seems odd that she’d opt for her rival instead.

The only question is: What the hell does this mean?

Was she sending some kind of message to her arch-nemesis?

Or is she hinting that she’s ready to reconcile with Swift, just like she and Katy Perry recently did, as documented in Tay’s ‘You Need To Calm Down’ vid.

Communication is one of the things that is said to go awry during Mercury Retrograde so I don’t know what to believe, TBH.