If you have a Scorpio in your life, you’ll bloody well know it. She’s the one who teaches you goddess-level sex tips. She’s offered to hex your ex when he’s done you dirty. When you hit the clurbs, she’s always on the prowl and she knows exactly what she’s doing. But despite her hard exterior and all-around bad bitch energy, you’ve also seen her be emotional and vulnerable.

With this friend in mind, it should come as no surprise that Scorpio season is one of the most intense astrological periods of the year.

Scorpio is associated with sex, mystery, and transformation, so from October 23 to November 22, all signs will be feeling kinky, restless, reflective and somewhat spicier.

It’s a time for releasing negative emotions and patterns that might be keeping you from reaching a deeper transformation.


Info that has been kept hidden will come to the surface and unexpected events will force you to be ruthless and make major changes, shedding your outer shell just like the glorious scorpion does.

Scorpios are forceful but intuitive beings who aren’t afraid to go after what they want, but when they’re feeling lost and without a sense of direction, they can be v. hot and cold.

One day they’ll be sliding into your DMs, the next they’ll be hitting the block button.

This year’s energy is particularly chaotic as Mercury Retrograde kicks off on Halloween (trust!) so you’ll be tested in the first few weeks of the season but when the dust settles, you’ll enjoy real connections with the people around you, plus exciting opportunities will come your way.

So take this time to reflect on your true desires and put strategies in place to summon what you want.


But as we know, each astrological season’s energy can impact the signs in different ways, so here’s a little rundown of how the scorpion will be sliding into your life this year.

It should come as no surprise that the three signs who’ll be living their best lives are Cancerians, Pisceans and, of course, Scorps.

Let’s start with birthday gal SCORPIO then, shall we?

Powerhouse planet Pluto has had a major impact on your communication sector and your powers of persuasion have been peaking.

You’ll find that everyone – employers, friends, lovers, parents, pets, EVERYONE – will bend to your will if you choose the right wording. The only question is: Will you be using your power for good or for evil?

With your confidence at an all-time high, you’ll be attracting loads of romantic attention ‘coz it’s a known fact that confidence is fkn HOT.

Go get ’em, girl.

Thanks to the sun, Mercury, and Venus, you’ll also feel a major burst of creativity so find a way to channel this while your ideas are solid (get into painting, change your Insta aesthetic, heck, even write a one-woman show).

Meanwhile all you crabby CANCER binches will finally feel ready to come out of your shell as your expressive fifth house of creativity, romance, and authenticity has you feeling like yourself again.

You see, Cancers and Scorpios are similar in the way that they’re both v. emotional but the difference is that Scorps aren’t afraid to sting when they need to.

But with sassy Scorpio energy in the air, you’ll finally have the guts to put bitches in their place when need be and say NO to things/people.


This take-charge attitude will roll over into your dating life as you’ll be more assertive and go after what you want, focusing on your needs rather than his/hers.

As for PISCES, you’ll very much be stung by the travel bug and will feel inspired to plan your summer vacay.

Your ambitious 10th house of career will also be peaking so you’ll be slaying those end of year tasks at work.

Interestingly, another sign that’ll be benefited by the season is TAURUS, particularly singletons.

With flirty Scorpio taking over your introverted and stubborn side, you’ll feel compelled to put yourself out there and you may end up meeting a special someone.

This next relationship is everything you were looking for and more.

While commitment isn’t totally on your mind right now, just have some fun. Remember what that is?

Now for the scary part: The signs that will feel the brunt of the season are the fire signs ‘coz as water extinguishes a literal flame, so to does it kill a fire sign’s vibe.

With the sun shaking up ARIES’ eighth house of transformation and intimate unions, expect a big change to come over the next few weeks, one that might not be pretty.

Channel Scorpio’s tough shit energy and take the change head-on in order to adapt into a better, healthier, happier you.


Are you even surprised that Bethenny Frankel is a Scorpio?

With teary water sign energy overriding fire sign energy, LEOS will be forced to face the emotional demons that they’ve been avoiding.

You’ll feel your home and sense of security compromised (perhaps this has been going on for some time?) and you’ll need to speak up and voice your feelings, as scary as this may be for a peace-loving Leo.

And as for SAGITTARIUS (whose season is coming up next, mind you), Scorpio season will be something of a cathartic experience, perhaps ‘coz your bday is right around the corner and you’re questioning WTF you’re doing with your life.

Use this emotional time to reflect. Ask yourself: Am I heading in the direction that I want to be heading? Is there something / someone in my life that I need to banish?

It might even be worth opting out of some Scorpio season festivities in favour of resting and reflecting so that you’ll be at peace by the time your season rolls ’round.

I know this sounds like hell considering you’re constantly plagued by FOMO, but taking a step back to analyse and assess your life is crucial at this time.

(BTW, if your sign wasn’t listed here, then it just means that you’ll feel the Scorpio season waves as described at the beginning of this article.)

I leave you now with this mantra: Channel the powerful, sassy, bad bitch vibes of Scorpio to level up your life.