Taylor Swift Fans Think Her New Song ‘thanK you aIMee’ Is Secretly A Kim Kardashian Diss Track

We may be living in 2024, but Taylor Swift revealed she never forgives and never forgets what happened in 2016, because fans believe that one of the tracks in her new highly anticipated double album The Tortured Poets Department (TTPD) is a diss track about Kim Kardashian. Hope there’s no vegetarians reading, cos this story has a whole lotta BEEF.

After the surprise release of what turned out to be a double album — because our queen has absolutely no chill — Taylor Swift fans around the world were blessed with another 15 tracks as part of the anthology album.

As is tradition with a new Swift album, everyone has put on their detective hats to figure out which songs are about her ex partners, and what lyrics are roasting who.

Like how “Fortnight” is about Matty Healy. And how “Down Bad” is also about Matty Healy. Or how “But Daddy I Love Him” is about… Matty Healy again? Sorry I thought this album was the one designated to her partner of six years Joe Alwyn, not her brief rebound with the guy from The 1975?!? Anyway.

While the targets of some songs in the 31-track anthology album may be a surprise, one of the TTPD songs has surprised fans due to the fact that it seems to be about a certain Kardashian who had a celebrity feud with Swift back in the day.

But is “thanK you aIMee” really about Kim Kardashian? Let’s find out.

Who is Taylor Swift’s ‘thanK you aIMee’ about?

Fans were quick to observe that the 24th track on TTPD, “thanK you aIMee” has a pretty indiscreet hidden message in the song title’s capitalisation, as the upper-case letters clearly spelt out the name KIM.

“Kim? Kim who? That could be anyone?” You might be thinking.

Without any attention to the song’s unusual capitalisation, the song appears to be about someone named Aimee (not Kim), whom Swift sings about being bullied by while in school. It’s a sad and somber song about all those girls that held us down, whether with words or with hands, as Taylor does what she does best and makes us cry while we bop.

However, at closer inspection, there are certain details that hint at the song actually being something deeper, as fans believe Swift is using the allegory of a high-school bully to refer to Kim Kardashian.

For instance, in the bridge Taylor builds up to a grand reveal, where she sings:

I don’t think you’ve changed much, and so I changed your name and any real defining clues.

And one day your kid comes home singing a song that only us two know is about you.

So if the name has been changed, that means the song isn’t about anyone called Aimee, meaning it must be about a Kim — hence the capitalisation — that Swift was bullied by.

And that, dear reader, would be the one and only Kim Kardashian.

Why did Taylor Swift write ‘thanK you aIMee’ about Kim Kardashian?

The battle between Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian is almost as old as the universe itself.

Though there are many aspects to this feud, such as the fact that Kardashian’s former husband Kanye West infamously upstaged Swift at the 2009 MTV Awards, it all comes down to what occurred as a result of West’s 2016 song “Famous”.

In lyrics in the song, West alluded to the fact that he believes he is the reason for Swift’s stardom, misogynistically claiming he “made that bitch famous”.

To add more fuel to the fire, the music video for West’s song featured shots of him in a bed with countless other naked celebrities, which included Taylor Swift.

Swift, West, and Kardashian in the “Famous” music video. Source: YouTube.

This whole debacle added even more tension between Swift and West, who publicly slammed the rapper for this depiction and these statements about her without speaking to her about it first.

At this point, Kim Kardashian stepped in to defend her then-husband, by saying that West had received permission from Swift to use the vulgar lyrics, and that there was video footage of this phone call happening.

The phone call footage got released, which caused Taylor Swift to lose a degree of credibility.

On top of that, Kim Kardashian then became a poster child for the “Taylor Swift Is Over Party” movement, which led to a few years of the “Bad Blood” singer declining in her cultural impact.

Who could forget one of Kim’s most iconic tweets during the celeb-beef?

Subtle as a brick, Kim. I guess that’s on brand though…

Thankfully for Swift and her fans, the “Taylor Swift Is Over Party” did not last long, as we can now see where our Eras Tour superstar has ended up after years of bangers and healing!

Way to slay, Tay!

What are the reactions to ‘thanK you aIMee’?

The fact that Mother– uhh, Taylor Swift, has released yet another song flaming Kim Kardashian has fans absolutely wildin’ online.

Some folks are shocked at the fact that Taylor decided to be so glaringly obvious with the title, while others have tried to pull apart the meaning behind some of the less-obvious lyrics.

And others are joining in with Taylor and adding salt into Kim Kardashian’s wounds. Must be ROUGH in the Kardashian household RN. Someone call Kris.

Here are some of the best fan reactions to Taylor Swift’s ‘thanK you aIMee’.

Honestly, who doesn’t love a diss track?

So glad that Taylor has brought the iconic trend back into fashion. Just like when she invented country music!

RIP in peace Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Happy The Tortured Poets Department drop y’all!