This Is What Kim K & Pete Davidson’s Kids Would Look Like, According To A Forensic Artist

Pete Davidson has revealed that he wants to be a dad someday so we can probably expect more Kim Kardashian kiddos.

“Kim is getting more and more serious about her career as a lawyer and she’s not necessarily thinking about having more kids at the moment,” an insider told Entertainment Tonight.

“Pete and Kim are still having fun now and not totally at the point of having children together. This is the most fun that Kim is having in any relationship she has ever been in and she feels like she’s in the best place of her life. She is really just soaking it up.”

The source added, “Kim is so comfortable with Pete and loves sharing cute moments from their relationship with her fans and plans to continue doing that.”

Pete also discussed becoming a dad while speaking to Kevin Hart.

“[I’m] definitely a family guy. My favourite thing ever, which I have yet to achieve, is I want to have a kid. That’s, like, my dream. Yeah and so it’s, like, super corny,” he said in a Hart to Heart teaser.

“It would be so fun dress up a little dude, like, or you know, like, you saw it’s just, like, I’m so excited for, like, that chapter. So, like, that’s kind of what I’m just preparing for now, is trying to be, like, as good of a dude and develop and get better so when that happens, it’s just easier.”

Following this tea, Daily Mail legit got a forensic artist to sketch up what they reckon Kim and Pete’s kids would look like.

I encourage you to have a peek at the piccies.

Forensic artist Joe Mullins used the power of AI technology to predict what Kim and Pete’s children may look like.