A Khloé K Interview From 2018 Resurfaced & Sent Fans Into A Tizzy Over Her Potential Baby Name

Khloé Kardashian recently announced the birth of her second baby with her ex and certified root rat Tristan Thompson via a surrogate. I’m sure you’ll remember, ‘cos the news dropped right as Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson‘s breakup came to light.

The devil works hard, Kris Jenner works harder, you know the drill.

Since the bubba boy was born, fans have been speculating about what he’ll be named. And TBH we could be waiting a while seeing as Kylie Jenner still hasn’t revealed the name of her son after she decided Wolf didn’t suit him.

But as reported by Who, Khloé actually revealed a baby name all the way back in 2018 when she was pregnant with True.

In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres — already red flag — she said if they had a baby boy he’d be named Tristan Jr.

Kardashian fans also resurface the clip on TikTok.

@stephwithdadeets If she names baby boy Tristan Jr…🤦🏻‍♀️🤢 #stephwithdadeets #kardashians #khloekardashian #khloe #trashton #trashtonthompson #khloebaby2 #khloeandtristan #kuwtk #fypシ #celebritynews4u #ellendegeneres #kardashianclip #kardashiannews ♬ original sound – Stephanie Tleiji

Obviously, people weren’t super jazzed at the idea.

Now, the interview with Ellen is from January 2018. Allegations that Thompson cheated on Khloé didn’t emerge until later that year, right around the time she gave birth to bubba True.

So hopefully we can assume that Khloé’s updated the ‘ol baby name list on her iPhone.

According to a source in Hollywood Life, Khloé and Tristan have allegedly agreed that she’ll have “sole legal and physical custody of their baby full time”.

“Even though Khloé will have full custody of the baby, she’s more than happy for Tristan to be present in their child’s life as much as he wants,” the source said.

At the moment there’s been no word on the bub’s name from the official Kardashian camp.

A source told PEOPLE that Khloé “hasn’t shared a name yet”.

“She is taking her time wth the name. She wants it to be just right,” they said.

In that same Ellen Show interview, Khloé said her baby’s name would either start with a K (for Khloe) or a T (for Tristan). Seeing as they ended up going with True, surely this baby’s name should begin with a K?

Kurt Kardashian? Kaleb Kardashian? Kieran Kardashian?

I can see potential for them all, but I reckon it’s time the KarJenners had a Kurt.