Keanu Reeves Is Filming ‘The Matrix 4’ In San Francisco And Stunning Fans In The Process

Picture this: it’s your first morning in San Francisco. Do you nip over the Golden Gate Bridge to stroll through ancient redwoods? Take in the history of Alcatraz? Hike to the Mission District for lunch? Foot traffic is building up in Chinatown, but you’re in no rush.

A sense of calm drapes over you, a head-to-toe contentedness, the feeling that right here, right now, everything is okay.

You sense a presence.

The noise drops. The crowd parts under gentle sunlight. You see him there, across the street. He seems to be floating. All the energy in the world courses through him. Glowing, sacred, perfect.

Your next words shatter the silence.

“Is that… Keanu Reeves?”

Yes, child. Yes it is.

Anyway, that’s how I imagine bystanders felt this morning when they caught a glimpse of Reeves and Carrie-Ann Moss filming The Matrix 4 in San Francisco.

New footage from the city’s Chinatown district shows Reeves roaming through a legion of on-set assistants, before stopping to take selfies with some adoring fans.

Other shots show Moss mingling in front of a restaurant, which you may well see in the enormously hyped continuation of the saga.

We thoroughly encourage you to pore through these shots of their appearance, and take their spirit with you through the rest of your day.

I mean, come on.

The Matrix 4 is slated for release May 21 – the same day as Reeve’s other upcoming banger, John Wick 4. What a blessed day that will be.