I’ll be honest, I’m quite indifferent when it comes to The Matrix so I’m not going to pretend like I’m an expert on the undoubtedly beloved franchise. But cinnamon roll Jonathan Groff has been cast in the fourth film, so consider my pickle tickled.

Groff, if you’re not too familiar with him, stars as Holden Ford (yes) in the excellent true crime series Mindhunter. He also voices Kristoff in Disney’s Frozen, and was once on Glee. Good times. Anyway, Collider exclusively reports that Groff has been cast in some sort of secret role. I’m guessing one of Collider’s sources blabbed to the team but considering its reputation, I’m putting away my grain of salt.

Groff is just the latest big name to join the cast, after How I Met Your Mother alum Neil Patrick Harris was announced in an unknown role, and Aquaman star Yahya Abdul-Mateen II landed yet another secret but lead role.

Iron Fist star Jessica Henwick has also reportedly joined the cast in a – you guessed it – unknown role.

And because things really are under lock and key here, we don’t know what’s going on with the plot yet either. Production is supposed to kick off next year though so stay tuned.

News of a fourth film was confirmed back in August, with Warner Bros. officially announcing the return of writer and director Lana Wachowski. The internet’s lifelong boyfriend Keanu Reeves will reprise his role as Neo, Carrie-Anne Moss will return as Trinity, and Jada Pinkett Smith will also reprise her role as Niobe.

As for Groff, it may be a little while until we see him back in Ford attire because season 3 is apparently “on hold”, while Mindhunter mastermind David Fincher finishes up another project first. We did wait more than a year and a half for season 2 so what’s another 18 months, ey?

Image: Getty Images / Jason LaVeris