Keanu Reeves, Actual King Of My Heart, Donated 70% Of His Matrix Salary To Leukaemia Research

Keanu Reeves, perhaps the world’s only genuinely good celebrity, apparently donated 70 per cent of his earnings from the OG The Matrix film to help fund research into leukaemia, proving once and for all why he is the Ultimate King.

His sister Kim Reeves was diagnosed with leukaemia back in 1991 and entered remission 10 years later. Keanu also acted as Kim’s primary carer while she was sick, pushing back the sequels to The Matrix films.

According to, Keanu donated around $44 million of his The Matrix buckerinos to cancer research. He also set up a private foundation in the early naughties which works with children’s hospitals and cancer research, but didn’t speak publicly about it till 2009, which is proper king shit.

Setting the bar high for rich-slash-famous people proactively using their wealth for good, Keanu also famously took pay cuts for The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions, so that more could be spent by the special effects and costume departments.

According to an exec on the film who spoke to The Wall Street Journal back in 2001, Reeves wanted to give back to the staff working on production.

“He felt that they were the ones who made the movie and that they should participate”.

Plus, he once gave The Matrix’s team of stuntmen Harley-Davidson motorbikes as a thank you gift. Honestly, Keanu Reeves could give me a used toothbrush and a microsecond of eye-contact and I’d probably die of happiness.

His most recent widely-publicised good deed was giving the stunt team for John Wick 4 Rolex watches, which cost over $9,000 each.

Plus, back in July 2020 he auctioned a 15 minute virtual Zoom date which sold for more than AUD$23,500 (USD$17,000), with all the donations going to a kids’ cancer charity.

So, as if you needed any more reason to have a big fat crush on Keanu Reeves (other than how he looks in that long leather jacket), here’s your number one: he actually seems to be a genuinely great guy.

Other celebs, on the off chance that you’re reading, pls take note and remember: there’s nothing sexier than being a good person!