Keanu Reeves, Good Bloke, Caught Bus W/ Us Plebs After Flight Emergency Lands

Keanu Reeves – wholesome, immortal man, and friend to all – proved extremely helpful in a tense situation over the weekend, which is exactly how we imagine he would behave in our dreams/is exactly how he behaves in all his films. In a pressurised situation, Keanu remains calm, stoic. Keanu is your guide.

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Fresh from announcing a new Bill & Ted flick on Thursday, Reeves was a passenger on a United Airlines flight which needed to make an emergency landing in California, as 9honey writes. It was only a San Fran to LA flight – about an hour-and-15-minutes – but the plane needed to land in Bakersfield – two hours drive from LA – because of a mechanical indication.

And instead of panicking when the plane landed safely, with no one injured, the people did what came naturally to them: listen to the dulcet tones of Keanu Reeves.

LA artist Brian Rea used his Instagram Stories to record the entire excellent adventure, initially writing that Reeves was “very pleasant“, taking photos and talking about his latest project with airline employees.

But alas, with the airport closed, passengers needed to hop on a bus, and leave their luggage behind, as there were no staff on hand to take it off the plane. Which doesn’t seem confusing, but in a high pressure situation, where you’re mostly disgruntled about not being in LA yet, it could be.

Reeves to the rescue, convincing people to get on a bus with him, even though that one film proves that is not necessarily a good idea:

The people who can unload the bags wont be here for three hours, but the vans will be here in an hour. So if you wanna hit the road [claps] and then deal with your bags later or deal with customer service, get them delivered maybe…

Rea, like many others, chose not to hang out in Bakersfield but to get on that bus to hang out with their new friend Keanu.

Later, Rhea also wrote about the hijinks on the bus, including country music and fun Bakersfield facts with Keanu, and a pitstop where Reeves copped himself a Gatorade and a banana, the healthy choice.

At the end of their gnarly journey, “there was a brief laughable pause where we didn’t know how it should end. so we simply shook hands and a ‘good meeting + riding with you.’ then we went separate ways“.

See? Friendship!

Fingers crossed next time your flight is delayed or turned around that Keanu Reeves is there to support you too.