A Very Old Keanu Reeves & Alex Winter Announce ‘Bill & Ted 3’ For 2020

After years of conjecture, rumour, and various innuendo, the band is finally, officially getting back together: Bill & Ted are set to ride again, some 28 years after they last saddled up.

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A significantly greyer and leathery Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter confirmed earlier today that the long-awaited Bill & Ted 3 will begin production this coming US summer, ahead of a now-planned 2020 release date.

More to that, the duo confirmed an official title for the movie: Bill & Ted Face The Music.

Standing outside the famous Hollywood Bowl – where they were at pains to stress they will never play – the collective Wyld Stallyns confirmed their long awaited return in a video posted to social media this morning, with the third film in the trilogy now slated to hit cinemas on August 21st, 2020.

Previously we learned that the film will reportedly centre on a middle-aged Bill S. Preston and Theodore Logan reuniting after they receive a visitor from the future who tells them that only their song can “save life as we know it and bring harmony to the universe.

The movie will also reportedly feature the kids of both Bill and Ted in some capacity, according to an earlier interview with Keanu.

They were introduced in the second film, and they’ve grown up a spell, and I’m sure they can’t help but have a bit of their mothers and fathers in them. So we’ll see how that expresses itself.

So there you go, mates. Bill & Ted 3. August 2020. Excellent.