A Horny Genius Made A Twitter Account Which Is Just Keanu Reeves Walking To Music

Keanu Reeves Twitter

Hello it’s me, PEDESTRIAN.TV’s official (*coughs* self-appointed) Keanu Reeves Thirst Editor, reporting for duty. Having recovered from the emotional rollercoaster that was Keanu Reeves saying he is “single and lonely” and then his publicist today saying that quote was entirely fabricated, I’m now in a full tailspin after discovering the greatest Twitter account known to man: Keanu Reeves Walking To Music.

[jwplayer ltVtc0z9]

Some thirsty genius — I do not know who, as no identifying details are listed on the account — has created a page which houses the same scene of Keanu Reeves walking into a room in the Netflix romcom Always Be My Maybe (in which he has an amazing cameo appearance). Each video has him walking to a different tune, and they are all beautiful.

Cop a squiz of your dream man Keanu walking with purpose to our queen Hilary Duff‘s epic So Yesterday:


Here is the ageless thirst trap strolling in to sounds of the extremely sexual INXS banger Need You Tonight.


And this gift to your eyes and ears is Keanu walking into the room (and your heart) to Billie Eilish‘s Bad Guy.


But this one might be my favourite. Mainly because I’m fairly sure I played this song on repeat when I was 12 while staring lovingly at my wall of Keanu posters ripped straight from the latest TV Hits magazine.


As you can see, the account holder takes song requests. Brb, submitting MIMS under-appreciated classic This Is Why I’m Hot, right bloody now.