In Honour Of Keanu Reeves’ Birthday, Revisit This Obscenely Sexual Saint Laurent Shoot

Keanu Reeves Saint Laurent

It’s Keanu Reeves‘ 55th birthday today, so why not stare at beautiful photos of him as a way of celebrating. His  GQ cover shoot was one thing, but he victimised us again by deciding to become a full-blown male model in a new campaign for designer Saint Laurent.

This man, who might I remind you has been constantly peaking since he was 18, is flogging the luxe label’s Fall/Winter men’s range, and even though it’s a) men’s clothing and b) likely to cost $50,000, I don’t care I am taking out a personal loan to buy this jacket. That’s the power of Keanu.

Seriously, is this a scene from John Wick because I’m feeling attacked.

These sunglasses? They’re a work of art. Brb, just calling the Louvre to order them to throw the Mona Lisa directly into the Seine and chuck this image up on the wall in its place:

Meanwhile the John Wick star looks like he’s sneezing and / or nutting here, but who cares I’m wallpapering my entire ceiling with this pic.

Clearly I’m not alone in feeling like this. Many, many people of all ages and genders — just like they did only a week ago for Keanu’s GQ shoot — are having an absolute thirst meltdown over these blessed images.

Keanu is even converting people who somehow weren’t already won over by My Own Private Idaho, Point Break, SpeedThe Matrix or John Wick.

I can’t even speak Spanish and I know I agree with this person.

The pics were shot by David Sims, who I’d like to personally thank for his service.