In what’s sure to be devastating news for those who were secretly thirsting for the wannabe Charlie Hunnam, Love Island star Jaxon Human reveals he took part in this year’s Australian Ninja Warrior but his scenes were ultimately cut.

“So for everyone watching Ninja, my run is not going to be aired for this year,” the 25-year-old reality star told fans on his Insta.

He adds that the reason his scenes ended up on the cutting room floor remain unknown, sadly, but he thanks fans for having his Sons of Anarchy tatted back in this trying time.

“I’m not sure why [I’ve been cut] but thanks again for all the support,” he continued.

Credit: Instagram

Meanwhile, a Channel Nine spokesperson told media outlet Now To Love that the decision to cut Jaxon from the line-up was due to time constraints.

“With so many Ninjas competing, it’s sadly impossible to show everyone’s run,” the spokesperson said.

The excruciating reality of the whole thing is that as recently as July 8, Human was fully expecting his scenes to air on the Channel Nine series.

He previously shared pics from his stint on the show, writing: “So yes it’s the week everyone is looking forward to @ninjawarriorau! How do you reckon I will go?”

You can just see it now, Jaxon assembling his family and friends for the viewing party at his pad. They sit gathered around the telly, awaiting his second big moment on telly, only to find that his scene has been cut.

Devastating scenes. Absolutely devastating.

Image: Channel Nine